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Latin America and the Caribbean

Dominican Republic

Facts and Figures

Country Area
48,192 km2
Forested Area (1000 ha)
Partner country
Support type
Support to country needs assessment (CNA)
Progress against the Warsaw Framework

National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS): UN-REDD Programme support strengthened the regional offices of the Ministry of Environment on good practices and quality control for National Forest Inventory field data collection. The government created a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Metric Unit in the Ministry of Environment, which will coordinate the development of the FREL/FRL and the GHG inventory report for the AFOLU sector. The unit received specialized equipment and training on the GHG inventory reporting and as a result developed a manual for planning, preparing and reporting the GHG inventory for the AFOLU sector. Recommendations are forthcoming on remote sensing methodologies and technology based on the national circumstances. UN-REDD Programme support was also provided to harmonize and improve field data collection on forestry fires.

Challenges and solutions

There are still country needs for technical assistance on NFMS and FREL/FRL development and it is recommended that the technical suggestions and results so far be used to continue the pilot implementation using other sources of funds, such as FCPF.

Focal points