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Forest solutions to the Climate Emergency

UN-REDD is the flagship UN knowledge and advisory programme on forests and climate, with a focus on advancing Articles 5 and 6 of the Paris Agreement. It is the largest international provider of REDD+ assistance, helping its 65 partner countries protect their forests and achieve their climate goals.

UN-REDD countries have submitted more than 700 million tCO2 of forest emissions reductions to the UNFCCC

.. equal to taking more than 150 million cars off the road for a year

More than 1 billion USD channeled and mobilized since inception

..Including 350 million USD for REDD+ results-based payments.

25 UN-REDD countries have adopted REDD+ policies at ministerial/cabinet level

70% have demonstrated substantial decreases in deforestation

UN-REDD has directly assisted more than 2/3 of the countries that established REDD+ safeguards systems

UN-REDD has become the leader and preferred partner in building robust social & environmental safeguards systems

More than 30 countries have established participatory and socially inclusive REDD+

Indigenous peoples and rural women recognized as key REDD+ stakeholders.

A commitment to integrity and transparency



38 countries with transparent forest monitoring systems


31 countries with national forest inventories


40,000 active users or UN-REDD forest-monitoring software (Open Foris)

UN-REDD partner countries host 70% of all tropical forests



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