August 2020 - Special Edition Roundup

7 Aug 2020

The June 2020 REDD+ Resource now available!

11 Jun 2020

La Restauración y Pagos por Servicios Ambientales en Territorios de Grupos Etnicos: Una prioridad para el cumplimiento de las metas nacionales de defo...

7 Feb 2020

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International Day of World Indigenous People

9 August 2020

In order to raise awareness of the needs of these population groups, every 9 August commemorates the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

International Youth Day

12 August 2020

The theme of International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action” seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.

Zero Emissions Day

21 September 2020

Zero Emissions Day is a concept that sparked more than 20 years ago and is now a global campaign that continuously encourages people around the world to take a break from using fossil fuels.

International Day of Rural Women 

15 October 2020


As early adopters of new agricultural techniques, first responders in crises and entrepreneurs of green energy, rural women are a powerful force that can drive global progress.

World Soil Day

5 December 2020

World Soil Day (WSD) is held annually on 5 December as a means to focus attention on the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources.



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