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Fancy having two tongues. One to eat and another to groom your friends and pick out tasty insects from their fur.   


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For those who were spectating during the 2019 Cape Town marathon, watching a pack of 20 runners with trees on their backs snake through the crowd of competitors was probably a highlight of the race.

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Myanmar’s first Safeguards Summary of Information, submitted to the UNFCCC online platform in late August 2020, sets out the country’s progress to date in addressing and respecting the Cancun Safeguards for REDD+.

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The UN-REDD Programme Collaborative Online Workspace is a free and open community and knowledge sharing platform for UN-REDD Programme partner countries and the wider REDD+ global community.


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World Rainforest Day 

22 June 2021

A collaborative effort to raise awareness and encourage action to save one of Earth’s most precious resources, our rainforests.

Zero Emissions Day 

21 September 2021


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