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Facts and Figures

Country Area
38,394 km2
Forested Area (1000 ha)
Partner country
Support type
Targeted support
Progress against the Warsaw Framework

National REDD+ Strategy/Action Plan (NS/AP): The national REDD+ strategy development process currently supported by the FCPF has built on Bhutan’s achievements in stakeholder engagement by replicating the consultation and participation process used to develop the country’s REDD+ Corruption Risk Assessment and its Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Guidelines. The results contributed to recommendations on the potential contribution of community forestry groups to the implementation of the REDD+ strategy.

National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS): The country advanced with its analysis of national forestry inventory data with FCPF-funded technical support and training for the Forest Research and Monitoring Division (FRMD). This added to UN-REDD Programme capacity building on the NFMS in 2015. This was based on the country’s enhanced technical capacity and implementation of a NFMS action plan in 2015 through UN-REDD Programme support.

Safeguard Information System (SIS): UN-REDD Programme support helped strengthen the capacity on safeguards, enabling benefits and risk analysis of policies and measures, as well as a study of existing policies, laws and regulations. The technical working group on safeguards is fully operational and the roadmap for Bhutan’s approach to safeguards was validated by stakeholders in 2016.

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