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Myanmar Mangroves

The UN-REDD Programme puts mangroves at the heart of REDD+ action in Myanmar

About the Initiative

The “Integrating mangroves into REDD+ Implementation in Myanmar” initiative aims to build on Myanmar’s recent efforts (UN-REDD Myanmar programme) to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by focusing on the role of mangroves in achieving the goals of the national REDD+ strategy and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)  while meeting its international voluntary commitments to UNFCCC.    

To learn more about how the programme is contributing to the transformation of mangroves in Myanmar please explore the following links:

Project at a Glance 

Through collaborative efforts with local communities and innovative mapping, we're ensuring nature conservation, community well-being, and climate resilience in the face of rapid changes. To learn more about the programme's impact on conserving mangroves and their communities, click the link below.

Story Map - Why Protecting Mangroves Matters

Myanmar's vital mangrove forests, supporting endangered species and local economies, face rapid changes, endangering both nature and communities. The UN-REDD project aims to protect these mangroves by working with local communities and utilizing maps to prioritize conservation and climate resilience efforts.

Focus Areas

For more information on the initiative, visit the focus areas links below:

Data and Monitoring 

The Myanmar Mangroves project aimed to map the extent and change of mangroves in Myanmar,  to gather evidence on the impacts that mangrove deforestation and degradation may have on biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and human wellbeing.

Mangrove Communities 

The UN-REDD Mangroves TA supported 25 mangrove communities in the delta and southeast Myanmar, and civil society organizations (CSO) across the country through training, equipment, and financial support for mangrove conservation and mangrove-friendly livelihood development.


The Myanmar Mangroves Initiative has continued to support the implementation of safeguards, focusing on ensuring the environmental sustainability and social equity of community forestry in mangroves. 

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