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Making good on the Glasgow Climate Pact


Can we unlock 1 gigaton emissions reductions from forests by 2025?


The Gigaton Milestone video series explores the pathways to unlock the one gigaton emissions reductions from forests by 2025. From increasing the price of forest carbon, kickstarting upfront financing, ensuring the integrity of carbon markets, to upholding the rights of indigenous people, we will take a hard look at solutions to get out us out of this climate mess real fast.









Episode 1: The Gigaton Milestone


What does the new UN-REDD report "Making good on the Glasgow Climate Pact" tell us? Lead author Judith Walcott of UNEP-WCMC explains. 






Episode 2:  The Forests and Climate Imperative


Are we on track with achieving the Paris Agreement and Glasgow Climate Pact? Valerie Kapos of UNEP WCMC shares her views.














Episode 3: The Decarbonisation Debate


How do we ensure that carbon credits result in real emissions reduction and accelerate decarbonisation? Gabriel Labbate from UNEP tells us. 







Episode 4: The Right Carbon Price


What is the right price for carbon and why is this relevant? Mark Moroge from Environmental Defense Fund explains.


















Episode 5: Financing Forest Action


What support do forest countries need to contribute to the 1 gigaton milestone? André Guimaraes tells us.






Episode 6: The Risks of Inaction


What happens if we do not achieve our targets? Mirey Atallah of UNEP warns us of the consequences of inaction.








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