The UN-REDD Programme provides its partner countries with capacity enhancing support designed to enable developing countries to meet UNFCCC REDD+ results-based payments requirements for verified emissions reductions. 


As part of this, the Programme provides several REDD+ knowledge resources, including:

REDD+ Technical Capacity Building

The UN-REDD Programme, leverages the unique technical capacities and knowledge of its collaborating UN agencies – FAO, UNDP and UNEP – to provide capacity building to its Partner Countries. This includes the following core REDD+ technical issues: 

UN-REDD Programme Collaborative Online Workspace

The UN-REDD Programme Collaborative Online Workspace is a free and open online REDD+ community and knowledge sharing platform for the UN-REDD Programme, its partner countries and the wider REDD+ community. Please feel free to browse the knowledge and resource libraries, join in the discussions, connect with colleagues and share your experiences.

REDD+ Academy

The REDD+ Academy is a REDD+ capacity development initiative that seeks to match the scale of the global climate change mitigation challenge and enable systematic, focused capacity development to deliver REDD+ on the ground. The REDD+ Academy forms part of the UN-REDD Programme’s Knowledge Management support to partner countries. It is available in both an online and live format. Graduates of the REDD+ Academy earn a certificate.

REDD+ Glossary

The UN-REDD Programme has compiled a rich glossary that offers definitions of some of the most important terms and concepts related to REDD+.