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Progress against the Warsaw Framework

NFMS: the UN-REDD Programme has significantly improved the community-based forest monitoring capacity of indigenous groups through the training of 22 technicians from 11 indigenous territories in satellite and terrestrial-monitoring, geographic information systems and the use of drones. This has been complemented by a network of seven monitoring stations including a geo-referenced forest information database. Panama has a FREL with the 5 REDD+ activities funded with FCPF, and in early 2022 is expecting to submit an updated version, funded by GCF. For further information: Panama Forest Reference Emission Levels

REDD+ Implementation

The Programme continued to increase the capacity of the Ministry of Environment on fiscal instruments, guarantees and the conditions required in order to establish carbon markets, including through exchanges and training with senior managers of the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), the New Zealand ETS and the California Air Resources Board.

The CBR+ initiative in Panama is supporting 14 projects on community-based activities in line with Panama’s National REDD+ Strategy. This initiative has resulted in the improved capacity of community personnel to implement and manage projects including financial and administrative standards, monitoring and evaluation, and knowledge on forests, climate change and REDD+. CBR+ is also bringing community voices to the government as an input into the National REDD+ Strategy.