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Progress against the Warsaw Framework

National REDD+ Strategy/Action Plan (NS/AP): UN-REDD Programme support for analysis on policies, laws and regulations identified immediate opportunities to modify and improve legislation and policies to better incorporate REDD+ considerations and issues. Specifically, the analysis recommends means to include REDD+ in the upcoming Forestry Policy and Forestry Code. Other recommendations cover non-forest sectors, including a roadmap for improvements in the land sector, in order to integrate REDD+ considerations. Through its country needs assessment, integrated with the targeted support, Madagascar has completed an analysis of the national REDD+ vision. A reorientation of the national vision for REDD+ is being proposed that fully embeds REDD+ into the national and rural development strategy, and provides important inputs to upgrade the strategy design process with strengthened intersectoral and policy-level dialogue.

National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS): A detailed country needs assessment has been conducted on NFMS that highlights the need to strengthen national institutions and ownership and to strategize the NFMS work. An exchange mission to the Republic of the Congo on monitoring, reporting and verification took place in early 2016, enhancing the knowledge of both countries on the MRV components, in particular the national forest inventory and the satellite land monitoring system.