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Latin America and the Caribbean

Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

Facts and Figures

Country Area
1,098,581 km2
Forested Area (1000 ha)
Partner country
Support type
National Programme
Progress against the Warsaw Framework

National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS): As a continuation of previous UN-REDD Programme work, the National Programme in 2016 supported the JMA and its registry to generate and compile data related to the sustainable management of forests, with a focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation. A total of 376 local initiatives have been registered. The tool and accompanying data are being reviewed by the current authorities for final endorsement.

The National Programme supported the conceptualization, development and implementation of the NFMS which was completed in 2016 and endorsed in its different modules and subsystems. There are three subsystems: 1. regulation and control for integrated forest management; 2. forest development; 3. climate change and forests. Forest monitoring and integration of the information from forest information systems at state level and from civil society is required by law.

The National Programme contributed to the generation of deforestation data for 2016 (in collaboration with the Autoridad de Bosques y Tierra – ABT) as well as to the development of the methodology and preliminary results of the land cover and land-use map for 2015, in collaboration with the Vice Ministry of Lands.

The feasibility study for the national forest inventory incorporated information from a national pilot with field data and historical information for forest management, generating a methodological proposal for the National Forest Inventory. This process also led to the generation and approval of two technical regulations on data use for the preparation and submission of forest land management plans. The approval of these regulations will contribute to a reduction in illegal forest use and enhanced sustainable livelihoods for forest users.

The web portal of the NFMS has published several online tools and data, including: i) Geobosque (open source web-geospatial platform); ii) online monitoring tools; iii) auditing and control; iv) forest conservation; v) monitoring data on afforestation/ reforestation; vi) data on climate change and forests.

Challenges and solutions

Changes in government political and technical focal points during the year and in previous years hindered the smooth implementation of activities and institutionalization of the NFMS. However, this improved towards the end of 2016 with increased commitment from counterparts.

In addressing these challenges, and as a working approach since activities commenced, the National Programme team established communication channels with partners and stakeholders as an integral part of the implementation team. Joint work plans were prepared and circulated by the National Programme team, with constant feedback from the authorities to better align with national priorities and avoid duplication with other related initiatives. The National Programme team has been working to ensure that all manuals, documentation and tools will be correctly transferred to the current authorities and institutions with the aim of completing these efforts in the first half of 2017.

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