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US$8.7 million approved for UN-REDD’s Global Activities

Blog | Fri, 02 Jul, 2010 · 4 min read

In a recent intersessional decision on 25 June, the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board approved the budget for an additional US$8.7 million to fund global activities aimed at supporting national REDD+ readiness efforts.

The additional funds are part of Norway’s US$30 million funding pledge for 2010, announced at the UN-REDD Programme’s fourth Policy Board meeting in March. The UN-REDD Programme’s support to global activities (January 2009-July 2011) now totals US$22 million. This is in addition to US$42.6 million allocated to UN-REDD’s National Programmes.

New funds will enable the Programme to continue work on measurement, reporting and verification (MRV), engagement of stakeholders, and realizing the multiple benefits forest can provide. Further, the funds will help to enable:

Increased transparency and effectiveness in national REDD+ governance

The Programme will develop understanding and sharing of experience on governance monitoring, decentralization, and convening dialogue and partnerships with REDD+ governance actors. A key area is to develop and apply land tenure tools and advice for REDD+ implementation.

Development of equitable benefit sharing systems

The UN-REDD Programme will support integrating the development of equitable benefit sharing systems in national programmes, and foster transparency and accountability in financing flows. Efforts will be put on women's empowerment and gender equality, and to develop safeguards and standards for social impacts of REDD+.

Support to low carbon sector transformation

The UN-REDD Programme will analyze environmental, social and economic drivers of high-carbon forest uses and compile best practices on alternative institutional and economic options, as well as on the contribution of sector transformation to meet green economy aspirations.

These and other on-going global activities support REDD+ readiness efforts at the country level and seek to benefit the REDD+ global community at large.

“The Policy Board’s recent approval will go a long way to developing and sharing knowledge, guidance and tools to help countries design and implement their national REDD+ strategies,” says Tiina Vahanen, Senior Officer of the UN-REDD’s Global Programme.

“Norway’s generous support has been vital to the UN-REDD Programme’s success in providing REDD+ readiness support to countries,” says Ms. Vahanen.