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The UN-REDD Programme governance framework builds upon the practical experiences acquired by the Programme since 2008, from internal reviews, to external and independent audits and evaluations, including feedback collected from a wide range of stakeholders at the national and global level.

The governance arrangements are guided by the principles of national ownership, inclusiveness, transparency, accountability, participation and consensus. They allow for the full and effective participation of all key UN-REDD Programme stakeholders (e.g. partner countries, indigenous peoples, civil society organizations and donors) while ensuring efficient decision-making and clear accountability.

Executive Board

The UN-REDD Programme Executive Board has general oversight for the Programme, taking decisions on the allocation of the UN-REDD Programme fund resources. It meets annually, or more frequently as required to efficiently carry out its roles and responsibilities.

Executive board composition

  • UN-REDD donors represented by three members
  • UN-REDD partner countries represented by three members (Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • Indigenous peoples represented by one permanent observer
  • Civil society organizations represented by one permanent observer
  • Participating agencies (FAO, UNDP and UNEP) represented by one alternating member
  • Multi Partner Trust Fund Office (ex-officio)

Key contact

Mihaela Secrieru

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    Programme Management Officer
  • office
    UN-REDD Programme Secretariat
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Mario Boccucci

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    Head of Secretariat
  • office
    UN-REDD Programme Secretariat
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Transparency and real-time funding administration

Access to information is fundamental to the effective participation of all stakeholders, including the public, in the advancement of REDD+ efforts around the world. Information sharing promotes transparency and accountability and enables public participation in REDD+ activities.

The collaborating UN agencies of the UN-REDD Programme – FAO, UNEP and UNDP – are committed to making information about the Programme and its operations available to the public in the interest of transparency.

As part of this commitment, the Programme publishes annual and semi-annual programme progress reports and provides online public access to real-time funding administration by the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office.

UN-REDD Programme Progress Reports