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Safeguard information system (SIS)


A combination of existing systems and sources of information, together with new systems or information to fill gaps as needed, on how all of the Cancun safeguards are addressed and respected throughout the implementation of REDD+ activities. Required as a key piece of national REDD+ architecture (or "Warsaw pillar") under the UNFCCC. Safeguard information systems should be consistent with the guidance in UNFCCC decision 12/CP.17: provide transparent and consistent information that is accessible by all relevant stakeholders and updated on a regular basis; be country driven and implemented at the national level; be transparent and flexible to allow for improvements over time; provide information; and build on existing systems as appropriate.


UN-REDD Framework for Supporting the Development of Country Approaches to Safeguards; UNFCCC Decision 12/CP.17

Alternative definition

A tool or database that collects and/or provides country-level information on how safeguards are being addressed and respected by forest carbon projects.