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Gender sensitive


Is to understand and give consideration to socio-cultural norms and discriminations in order to acknowledge the different rights, roles & responsibilities of women and men in the community and the relationships between them. Gender sensitive policy, program, administrative and financial activities, and organizational procedures will: differentiate between the capacities, needs and priorities of women and men; ensure that the views and ideas of both women and men are taken seriously; consider the implications of decisions on the situation of women relative to men; and take actions to address inequalities or imbalance between women and men (definition provided by WEDO).


Glossary of Terms Used in REDD+SES. com_content&view=...

Alternative definition

The ability to acknowledge and highlight existing gender differences, issues and inequalities, and consider them in the design and implementation of strategies and actions.

Alternative source

Gender Equality Glossary, European Commission, 2013 (