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XV World Forestry Congress Official Session: Global deforestation: current trends, challenges and opportunities for concrete action to halt and reverse forest loss by 2030

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2022 is a critical year to accelerate and deliver on commitments on forests and to collectively reduce deforestation and forest degradation, critical also for countries to be able to meet their Paris Agreement goals. 

The 2021 Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forest and Land Use is the most recent call for action and confirmation of countries’ commitments.  The declaration demonstrates that halting deforestation requires concerted action from local to global levels and from within and outside the forest sector, notably transforming agriculture and food systems and ensuring sustainable and legal supply chains. 

A wide array of coalitions, initiatives and programmes is stirring progress towards this direction. This includes the UN-Secretary General’s call to turn the tide on deforestation, the New York Declaration on Forests, the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the UN-REDD Programme, to name a few.

This event will explore the main opportunities and challenges related to:  

  1. Forest-based and land use mitigation actions in Nationally Determined Contributions.
  2. Public and corporate investments in forests as the most mature nature-based solution.
  3. Transforming food systems and achieving long-term sustainable change at a landscape level.
  4. Legality frameworks and governance.

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