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Recognizing and empowering indigenous peoples and Local Communities as critical partners in forest solutions to the climate emergency

Tue, 01 Mar, 2022

• Approximately 70 million indigenous people are long-time dwellers and curators of vast expanses of forests across the world. In addition, more than 400 million rural people reside in or near forests, and their livelihoods depend on forests.
• Indigenous peoples and local communities are crucial stakeholders – as well as rights holders – in the implementation of the Paris Agreement, notably Article 5 (forest-based solutions to the climate emergency).
• UN-REDD has devised and implemented a wide range of policy instruments and development practices to help countries promote the participation and inclusion of indigenous peoples and local communities in forest-based climate solutions.
• UN-REDD has helped more than 30 countries establish participatory and inclusive platforms for REDD+ policies and processes. These platforms are key to continuing the participation of indigenous peoples and local communities through REDD+ financing, including performance payment schemes and emerging carbon market opportunities.
• Countries around the world, from Colombia to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, have successfully employed these UN-REDD policy instruments and development practices, helping their REDD+ endeavours become socially inclusive, politically innovative and internationally recognized.

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