REDD+ learning at your fingertips and in the language of your choice

The REDD+ Academy e-courses are now available in English, French and Spanish

What is REDD+? And what does the + stand for? What are the different phases in the REDD+ processes? What is behind the concept of results-based payments? This and much more will be explained in the REDD+ Academy e-courses.

The modules presented in the REDD+ Academy e-courses will equip you with the requisite knowledge to better understand the various components of REDD+ planning and implementation and provide you with the tools you need to promote national REDD+ activities in your country.

Free, self-paced e-courses in 3 languages

To support continued learning on REDD+ and to widen the reach of the REDD+ Academy, the UN-REDD Programme and its agencies (FAO,UNDP and UNEP), with support from the UN CC:Learn Secretariat, are pleased to announce the English, French and Spanish version of the of the REDD+ Academy e-courses.

Based on the second edition of the learning journals and the experiences from the face-to-face REDD+ Academy sessions, the REDD+ e-courses offer self-paced e-learning courses, open to all, free of charge and available in English, French and Spanish, both on the UN CC: Learn Platform as on the UN-REDD Workspace.

In each language, two courses are available offering a coherent bundle of introductory information, detailed accounts and learning exercises designed to build capacity for REDD+ throughout the world, at two different levels: basic and advanced.

Throughout both courses, you will walk through the landscape of REDD+, from the carbon cycle and drivers of deforestation to approaches to finance and stakeholder engagement. The e-courses also explore technical issues, such as the establishment of national forest monitoring systems and processes to address REDD+ safeguards.

  1. Fundamentals on REDD+: Fundamentals on REDD+ covers the basics of REDD+, from the elements required under the UNFCCC to how to prepare and implement REDD+ at the national level including financial resources. For French click here. For Spanish click here.

  2. Advancing on REDD+: Advancing on REDD+ discusses in more detail the other three REDD+ elements, to which it adds the importance of engaging in the process the relevant stakeholders and the principles of a good governance. For French click here. For Spanish click here.

Do you prefer to learn using the Learning Journals instead of enrolling for the e-course? All twelve learning journals, covering both the fundamentals and advancing on REDD+ can be downloaded from the UN-REDD Workspace in English, French or Spanish.

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