Tribute to Victor Tsang: Former UN Environment Gender Focal Point for the UN-REDD Programme

We lost our very dear colleague, Victor Tsang, in the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed on the morning of March 10, 2019 near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is a heartbreaking loss to those who knew him and he will be greatly missed.

Victor began his role as the UN Environment Gender Focal Point for the UN-REDD Programme in March, 2017. From the moment he started, he brought energy, vigor and fresh ideas on how to support gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment efforts within the Programme. His energy was contagious and led to a great collaborative effort on gender among the three UN-REDD partner agencies. In his one and a half years in this role, Victor made a large impact in strengthening the gender approach within the UN-REDD Programme and was instrumental in the development and launching of the UN-REDD Gender Marker Rating System. Victor’s work ethic, dedication, creativity, team spirit and ability to think outside the box encouraged others to strive to emulate these same qualities in their work.

Victor was a great advocate for gender equality and a real pleasure to work with. The UN-REDD Programme is grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside him, as well as for the invaluable contribution he made to its gender mainstreaming efforts. He will be remembered by those who worked with him with great affection and gratitude. May he rest in peace.

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