New version of the “Technical Brief REDD+ Safeguards Information Systems: practical design considera

Photo Credit: Sam Sapin / Breakthrough Media / UN-REDD Programme

Safeguards refer to processes or policies designed to mitigate risks. The seven safeguards associated with REDD+, as agreed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), are broad principles that not only help to ensure that REDD+ policies and measures ‘do no harm’ to people or the environment, but also ‘do good’ and enhance social and environmental benefits.

Whether you are involved in processes in your country to meet safeguards requirements for REDD+ or want to gain better understanding of possible considerations when designing a Safeguards Information System (SIS), the updated Technical Brief #1 v2.0: REDD+ Safeguards Information Systems: practical design considerations will provide you with the latest thinking on SIS design, based on new countries' experiences.

Some of the key messages developed in the publication are:

  1. Developing a SIS may not require an entirely new system or entirely new components to be established.

  2. SIS design and operation will be different in each country due to the different national circumstances. Consequently, generic SIS models cannot be prescribed.

  3. Four practical design considerations that countries should take into account when developing a SIS include objectives, information needs and structure, technological systems requirements and functions.

  4. SIS design will be influenced by a country’s safeguards approach.

  5. A SIS provides a strong basis for developing summaries of safeguards information.

The Technical Brief #1 v2.0: REDD+ Safeguards Information Systems: practical design considerations is available to download here.



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