Call for contributions: Revision of REDD+ Academy Learning Journals

The UN-REDD Programme is inviting comments on its REDD+ Academy Learning Journals. The review process will be carried out throughout the coming months, with the aim of producing a second edition of the Learning Journals, and an updated REDD+ Academy online course, by October 2016. The deadline for submission of comments is Friday, 15 July 2016.


The first edition of the REDD+ Academy Learning Journals was developed by UN-REDD Programme experts last year (2015) and launched in end November 2015, together with the online course. You can download the Learning Journals in English, French and Spanish and/or take the online course (English only) on the UN-REDD workspace here.

Addressing the twelve key topics of REDD+, the Learning Journals are a coherent source of basic information, detailed case studies and practical exercises designed to build capacity for REDD+ practitioners worldwide. The Journals walk learners through the landscape of REDD+, from the carbon cycle and drivers of deforestation to financing approaches and stakeholder engagement. They also explore technical issues, such as the establishment of national forest monitoring systems and processes to address REDD+ safeguards. Designed to be used as a complete course or as individual modules, the Journals are a comprehensive and flexible learning tool, easily adjustable to individual needs of REDD+ practitioners.


Please submit substantial revisions to the text (focus on content, rather than formulation, unless a wrong message is conveyed), as well as any case study which might support the learning material. The twelve REDD+ Academy learning modules (accessible here) are as follows:

  • Climate Change and the Role of Forests;

  • Understanding REDD+ and the UNFCCC;

  • Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation;

  • National Strategies and Action Plans (NS/AP);

  • National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS);

  • Forest Reference (Emission) Levels (FREL/FRLs);

  • Policies and Measures (PAMs);

  • REDD+ Safeguards;

  • REDD+ Finance;

  • Allocation of Incentives;

  • Stakeholder Engagement;

  • Good Governance.


Please note that the deadline for submission of comments is Friday 15 July 2016.


Comments may be submitted in English, French and Spanish, by email to

We look forward to receiving your comments.

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