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Working with 65 partner countries across Asia and the Pacific, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, the Programme has supported countries that are leading the path to achieve reductions in emissions from deforestation.


The country became the second country, after Brazil, to complete all requirements under the Warsaw Framework for REDD+. Since 2012, the country has reported emission reductions of over 28 MMTCO2 and in 2017 became the first country to receive Green Climate Fund co-financing to implement REDD+ policies and measures.


The country launched the world's first fully operational Safeguards Information System (SIS). The SIS is online and staff operating the system, at national and state levels, have been trained in its use.

Sri Lanka

A major step toward implementing REDD+ was made by Sri Lanka in 2017: the country launched an online geo-portal that assembles and disseminates forest-related data and analysis with the aim of reducing threats to the country's forests and enhancing their preservation.


This resource is made possible through support from Denmark, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the European Union.


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