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25 November 2015
REDD+ Academy goes global: Launch of e-course and Learning Journals. Learn more.

10 November 2015
15th UN-REDD Programme Policy Board held in San José, Costa Rica+. Learn more.

3 November 2015
WEBCAST: 2015 Global Joint FCPF / UN-REDD Programme REDD+ Knowledge Exchange. Learn more.

30 October 2015
UN-REDD Programme 15th Policy Board meeting to be held 7-10 November in San Jose, Costa Rica. Full documentation now available. Learn more.

15 October 2015
"REDD+ at COP21" online resource page launched, with one-stop access to all REDD+ news, events and information related to UNFCCC COP21 in Paris. Learn more.

1 October 2015 
The October/November issue of The REDD+ Resource, the UN-REDD Programme's newsletter is now available. Read.

29 September 2015 -
African nations and donors agree plan to protect Congo forests with launch of Central African Forest Initiative -- with UNDP, FAO and World Bank support. Learn more. 

9 September 2015
Demand for Wood in Africa Could Triple by 2050, Straining the Continent's Dwindling Forest Resources, Warns UN Report.  

7 September 2015 FAO Releases "Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015" -- World deforestation slows down as more forests are better managed 

4 September 2015
Video: Bosques y cambio climático bajo la mirada de los pueblos originarios de Paraguay / Indigenous peoples of Paraguay share their visions on forests and climate change. 

3 September 2015
Publication launch: Policy Brief: Fiscal incentives for agricultural commodity production: Options to forge compatibility with REDD+. 

17 August 2015
Publication launch: Joint FCPF/UN-REDD Programme Guidance Note for REDD+ Countries: Establishing and Strengthening Grievance Redress Mechanisms. 

11 August 2015
Webcast: Intercambio de experiencias prácticas hacia la implementación del Marco de Varsovia para REDD+ / Exchange of experiences on implementation of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+. 

4 August 2015
Engaging indigenous peoples and civil society organizations in national REDD+ processes in the Asia-Pacific region. 

1 August 2015
The August/September issue of The REDD+ Resource, the UN-REDD Programme's newsletter is now available. 

29 July 2015
Publication launch: Banking on REDD+: Can bank and investor risk policies on soft commodities benefit REDD+? 

17 July 2015
Publication launch: Technical considerations for Forest Reference Emission Level and/or Forest Reference Level construction for REDD+ under the UNFCCC. 

10 July 2015
Publication launch: Forest Ecosystem Valuation Study: Indonesia. 


9 July 2015
Investing in Forestry Sector Can Reverse Estimated US$3.5 Billion Economic Drain of Deforestation, Alleviate Poverty in Tanzania.

Publication launch: Forest ecosystems in the transition to a green economy and the role of REDD+ in the United Republic of Tanzania. Download (English). Report summaries are available in English and Kiswahili.

29 May 2015
Indonesia improving forest governance through informed policy-making highlighted by release of two new reports. 

28 May 2015
UN-REDD Programme launches Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT): Supporting countries to address Cancun Safeguards. 

28 May 2015
The UN-REDD Programme and FCPF Launch Joint Guidance Note for REDD+ Countries: Establishing and Strengthening Grievance Redress Mechanisms.

22 May 2015
14th Policy Board meeting outputs, decisions, presentations and documents now available. 

2 February 2015
Opening up space for indigenous peoples advocacy at UN global climate conference. 

2 February 2015
Active listening process concludes in Panama. 

2 February 2015
Launch of forest governance data shows great potential for Viet Nam’s REDD+ policy-making and implementation.

2 February 2015
New studies contribute to better understanding of deforestation in Zambia. 

2 February 2015
The Latin America and Caribbean region pilots an innovative stakeholder analysis methodology in Honduras. 

2 February 2015
Working sessions held on land-use planning for REDD+ in Kenya.

2 February 2015 

Second regional Pacific Islands forest inventory workshop held in Solomon Islands. 

2 February 2015
Progress made towards developing Cambodia's REDD+ Safeguards Information System. 

2 February 2015
Building capacity in Asia Pacific countries to develop and implement gender-sensitive REDD+ action. 

2 February 2015
Training on use of land cover classification system in Sri Lanka. 

2 February 2015
New brochures detail support on legal preparedness and tenure for REDD+. 

2 February 2015
Viet Nam begins process to establish REDD+ Forest Reference Levels. 

2 February 2015
Pacific Island countries share experiences on national forest monitoring systems. 

2 February 2015
Paraguay socializa las tendencias preliminares de los resultados del Inventario Forestal Nacional. 

2 February 2015
Sri Lanka benefits from South-South knowledge exchange on forest monitoring systems at the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research. 

2 February 2015
South Asia builds its capacities to calculate forest resources through data sharing. 



November 2014
UN-REDD Programme November Newsletter. Read more 

31 October 2014
News release: World-first REDD+ Academy launched in Indonesia. Read more 

10 October 2014
FAO sets standards to improve national forest monitoring systems: Free open-source tools will help to tackle deforestation and climate change. Read more 

22 September 2014
New publication: UN system supports ambitious action on climate change. Read more 

15 September 2014
New publication: Understanding drivers and causes of deforestation and forest degradation in Nepal: potential policies and measures for REDD+. Read more 


10 September  2014

Extension of Nomination Period for the UN-REDD Programme and FCPF Civil Society Observers through 17 September. Read more
Extensión del periodo de nominaciones para observadores de la sociedad civil al Junta Normativa del Programa ONU-REDD y el FCPF hasta 17 de septiembre. Leer más
Prolongation de la période de nomination jusqu’au 17 septembre pour la sélection des observateurs de la société civile de Programme ONU-REDD et la FCPF. En savoir plus

5 September 2014
Tecnología satelital de punta en Latinoamérica y el Caribe para el Monitoreo de los Bosques - Con el uso de última tecnología satelital, Latinoamérica y el Caribe se sitúan a la vanguardia en el monitoreo de cambios forestales y de emisiones de carbono forestal.
Read more 

4 September  2014
News release: New Collaboration Launched to Restore the World's Forests - United Nations Environment Programme and International Union for Conservation of Nature join forces to restore forest ecosystems. Read more

25 August  2014
Legal reforms to support indigenous peoples’ rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more
Des reformes juridiques pour soutenir les droits des peuples autochtones de la Republic du Congo. En savoir plus


21 August 2014
New video: Costa Rica's REDD+ Strategy. Watch the video 


20 August  2014
News release: New REDD+ Sourcebook for academia aims to build REDD+ knowledge base to address climate change
Download the sourcebook here. Read more.


14 August 2014
New publication: Assessing Forest Governance: A Practical Guide to Data Collection, Analysis and Use. Read more 


5 August 2014
Videos: A forest of opportunities - new series of videos, available in both Spanish and English, exploring REDD+ in Ecuador, Paraguay and Panama. Watch the videos


22 July 2014
Comunicado de prensa: Latinoamérica duplicó sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero procedentes de la agricultura en los últimos cincuenta años. Más información 


21 July 2014
Video: On the Road to REDD+: UN-REDD Programme - Five years of building REDD+ Readiness. Watch the video 


21 July 2014
Video: Khmer language version of the documentary "REDD as Part of the Solution". Watch the video


9 July 2014
Ensuring full and effective participation of CSOs and indigenous peoples in UN-REDD Programme Policy Board


8 July 2014
Video: Panama’s national forest inventory – progress reported by the UN-REDD National Programme in Panama. Watch the video 
Video del Programa Nacional ONU-REDD en Panamá destaca los avances de su inventario nacional forestal. Vea el vídeo 
Read More 


14 June 2014
New Report: On the Road to REDD+. This report highlights the achievements and challenges of the UN-REDD Programme during its first five years (2008-2013) in an evolving REDD+ landscape. 
Read more English | Español |  Français


28 April 2014
New Panama forest cover and land use maps released by the National Environmental Authority of Panama (ANAMA), with support from the UN-REDD Programme. (Español)


14 April 2014
Agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions on the rise - Detailed assessments of both emissions data and mitigation options needed to design adequate responses. Read more English | Español |  Français


21 March 2014
Launch of the International Resource Panel report: Building Natural Capital – How REDD+ Can Support a Green Economy 
Read more English | Español | Français | Bahasa


21 March 2014
Launch of new satellite-based data on forest resources on the International Day of Forests 
Video: Interview with FAO Forestry Division Director Eduardo Mansur. Read more.


13 March 2014
Zambia: Forest surveys provide baseline data for participation in REDD+ 


21 February 2014
Dynamic New Platform to Protect Forests Worldwide: Achim Steiner at Global Forest Watch Launch 
Watch video 
Read more


14 January 2014
Kenya releases its “REDD+ Corruption Risk Assessment 


10 January 2014
TEDx Nairobi Videos:
The future we want: Achim Steiner
Watch video 
Global Forest Watch: Peter Lee
Watch video
A Champion in the Hills: Martha Isabel Ruiz Corzo
Watch video
Revaluing Ecosystems: Virgilio Viana
Watch video



11 December 2013

New Video: Peru´s Targeted Support project: Capacity Strengthening of Indigenous Peoples for their Informed Participation in the Design and Implementation of a REDD+ Mechanism in Peru

10 December 2013

Panama Government and Indigenous Peoples Agree to Re-open UN-REDD National Programme


16 October 2013

Policy Brief Launch - REDD+ and the 2020 Aichi Biodiversity Targets: Promoting Synergies in International Forest Conservation Efforts


24 September 2013

Update on the Status of UN-REDD’s Panama National Programme


13 August 2013

The report of the Global Symposium on REDD+ in a Green Economy is now available for download. Read more about the symposium here.

12 August 2013

New Anti-corruption for REDD+ Video demonstrates the importance of transparency for the success of REDD+. Watch the video in EnglishFrench andSpanish

4 July 2013

Preliminary Report of the Independent Investigation and Evaluation Presented to the UN-REDD Policy Board


22 June 2013

Launch of Policy Brief on ‘The Role of the Private Sector in REDD+: the Case for Engagement and Options for Intervention.’ 


18 June 2013

New Video: 'FORESTS: The Heart of a Green Economy' explores the inclusion of REDD+ in the transition to a green economy


30 May 2013

Independent Investigation and Evaluation Team Arrives in Panama


12 April 2013

Call for External Consultants to Conduct Investigation and Mid-Term Evaluation of the UN-REDD Panama National Programme


21 March 2013

International Day of Forests: New video on the Key roles our forests play in the environment and human livelihoods


1 March 2013

Launch of UN-REDD Programme Guidelines on Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)


08 February 2013

Transparency and Participation as Indispensable Elements for Sustainable Development in REDD+ countries
English -  Español



29 June 2012

UN-REDD calls for comments into Preliminary Country Needs Assessment
Available in EnglishFrench and Spanish
Download presentations from the CNA workshop here.

29 June 2012

UN-REDD calls for comments into Preliminary Country Needs Assessment
Available in EnglishFrench and Spanish
Download presentations from the CNA workshop here.

27 June 2012

UN-REDD Editorial Underscores Importance of Forests in Rio+20 Publication
Flip to Page 76 of the Rio+20 edition of Climate Change- The New Economy magazine, for an editorial from the head of the UN-REDD Programme Secretariat, Dr. Yemi Katerere, underscoring the importance of forests in the recent sustainable development talks.

16 May 2012

UN-REDD Programme Eighth Policy Board Meeting Report Now Available
Download the full report in EnglishFrench or Spanish 

27 April 2012

UN-REDD Gender and REDD+ Report Now Available French and Spanish 
Read more about the report in EnglishFrench or Spanish 

26 March 2012

UN-REDD Launches its 2011 "Year in Review" Report





UN-REDD Programme Applauds the COP16 Agreement on REDD+ Reached in Cancun 
11 December 2010

UN-REDD Launches new Publication "Perspectives on REDD+"
02 December 2010

New DRC Publication Retraces Steps and Looks Forward
01 December 2010

UN-REDD at COP16 and Forest Day 4
29 November 2010

REDD+ Partnership Workshop in Cancun
26 November 2010

US$15.2 million approved for 5 countries at the UN-REDD Policy Board Meeting
8 November 2010

FCPF, FIP and UN-REDD host first joint meeting in Washington
8 November 2010

UN-REDD and Japan partner to support REDD+ in Asia-Pacific
25 October 2010

"REDD+ Hour" in Nagoya
21 October 2010

New Info on Multiple Benefits for REDD+
15 October 2010

Drivers for Change
12 October 2010

Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010
11 October 2010

UN-REDD FPIC Workshop in Panama
30 September 2010

Global Expert Workshop on Biodiversity Benefits of REDD+
17 September 2010

Report from Oaxaca Workshop
7 September 2010

5 New Countries Join the UN-REDD Programme
3 September 2010

Collaboration Update
20 August 2010

Governance Update
10 August 2010

Making REDD+ Work for Zambia
3 August 2010

Joint UN-REDD & GEO MRV Workshop
3 August 2010

MRV and Monitoring for REDD+ Implementation
3 August 2010

US$8.7 million approved for UN-REDD’s Global Activities
2 July 2010

UN-REDD Supports National Governance Systems for REDD+
2 July 2010

Making REDD+ work: Sharing knowledge on systems for Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV)
25 June 2010

REDD+ in Ecuador: Ensuring Social and Environmental Co-Benefits
15 June 2010

Safeguarding Multiple-Benefits
7 June 2010

Joint Response to Oslo Conference REDD+ Partnership proposal
18 May 2010

A Climate Change Solution
10 May 2010

Forest Area Statistics Don’t Tell Everything
3 May 2010

Inception Workshop in Indonesia
1 April 2010

World deforestation decreases, but remains alarming in many countries
26 March 2010

US$14.7 million approved for three countries at the UN-REDD Programme’s 4th Policy Board Meeting in Nairobi
22 March 2010

The UN-REDD Programme releases its inaugural Year in Review report for 2009
18 March 2010

8 New Countries Join the UN-REDD Programme
4 March 2010

Forest Degradation: The Unattended Party in REDD+
19 February 2010

Google Earth and Forest Monitoring
15 February 2010

The Road Ahead for UN-REDD
26 January 2010

2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity
25 January 2010

Designing a REDD + Compliant Benefit Sharing System in Viet Nam
18 January 2010

Slash and burn farming
6 January 2010