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Making good on the Glasgow Climate Pact: a call to action to achieve one gigaton of emissions reductions from forests by 2025

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Date: Friday, November 11 

Time: 3:00 – 4:00 pm (local time) 

Location: Nature Zone pavilion 


Event description:  

It is critical to mobilize funding to achieve the goal of a one gigaton of emissions reductions from forests by 2025. Panelists will (i) address the importance of adopting a mid-term milestone towards the Glasgow Pledge; (ii) provide an overview of the gap towards achieving the gigaton milestone; and (iii) propose changes in policies/incentives to achieve that milestone. 



  • Establish a one gigaton milestone as reference point for the Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership (FCLP) and similar efforts to halting and reversing deforestation by 2320, such as Turning the Tide on Deforestation.  

  • Advocate for a forest carbon floor price of at least USD 30-40. 

  • Scale up forest action and financing to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030 and make achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement possible. 


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