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Capacity Building for Forests and Climate Establishing a partnership between Korea and UN-REDD to enhance implementation of REDD+

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This event is also available to attend online, please register via Zoom

The Korea Forest Service (KFS) and the UN-REDD Programme have the desire to join forces to enhance UN-REDD's REDD+ Academy and build a strong capacity building platform for REDD+ implementation. This platform will build institutional capacities of developing country governments enabling them to implement all three phases of REDD+, based on UN-REDD’s curriculum. The platform will focus on forest landscape restoration, by integrating hands-on experience from Korea’s restoration project. 

KFS and the UN-REDD Programme would like to take the opportunity of a networking event at the World Forestry Congress to bring this timely partnership to the attention of the international forestry community and provide a platform to discuss REDD+ capacity needs to unlock the full potential of forest mitigation, highlighting the need for investment in REDD+ country capacities. Invited panel speakers will provide insights into the capacity and knowledge gaps and needs, as well as the potential of this partnership, that brings together the best practices and success of the KFS with the unrivalled knowledge and expertise of the UN-REDD Programme. The networking event compliments the announcement of the KFS UN-REDD capacity building partnership in Session 5. 

Date: Thursday, 5 May 2022 
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM (KST) 
Location: Room E5 


Emelyne Cheney, Forest and Climate Change portfolio manager, UNEP 

Event speakers - Opening remarks

Tae Hyun Nam, Vice President of KFS 
Gabriel Labbate, Head of Climate Mitigation Unit and Global Team Leader 
UN-REDD Programme, UNEP 
Eunsik Park, Director General of Korea Forest Service 

Event speakers - Panel discussion

Saah A. David Jr., National REDD+ coordinator, REDD Implementation Unit, Forestry Development Authority, Liberia 
Valeria Cadena de la Espriella, Director of Production and Sustainable Development, Ministry of the Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, Ecuador
Jessica Vega Ortega, Co-chair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, Mexico 



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