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REDD+ at COP21

The 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP21) and the 11th session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol is set to take place 30 November to 11 December in Paris, France.

This web page provides news, information and event details related to "REDD+ at COP21".

COP21 REDD+ Events

COP21 official side event: Looking Forward: REDD+ post-2015  -- REGISTER TO ATTEND (Registration is not required, this is to assist logistical planning).
Tuesday, 8 December 2015 -- 18:30-20:00 -- Observer room 03 (official side event area)

Forests are now overwhelmingly acknowledged as fundamental to efforts to combat global climate change and to stay well below a 2⁰ Celsius change. This high-level United Nations side event, organized by the UN-REDD Programme, will include the participation of heads of agencies from FAO, UNDP and UNEP, and will highlight the important role of REDD+ to make a major contribution to global climate change mitigation efforts and the implementation of the Paris Agreement, while realizing sustainable development. The UN-REDD Programme will be highlighted as an important facilitator to realize this potential for REDD+ through the delivery of the 2016-2020 UN-REDD Programme Strategic Framework, in the “Era of Implementation” post-Paris. Key aspects of this strategy will be highlighted, including its country-led approach and goal to support countries to implement the pillars of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+ and other UNFCCC guidance/requirements. This will also be discussed in the context of growing political momentum for REDD+, and growing forest country REDD+ capacity development needs (now 64 and growing partner countries of the UN-REDD Programme).

The high-level panel is expected to include: Helen Clark, Administrator for the United Nations Development Programme and Chair of the United Nations Development Group; Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations; Maria Helena Semedo, Deputy Director General of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization; Amina J. Mohammed, Nigeria Minister of the Environment; Jorge Mario Rodriguez Zuniga, Executive Director of Costa Rica’s National Forestry Financing Fund; Jens Frølich Holte, Political Adviser, Norway Ministry of Climate and Environment; Joan Carling, Secretary-General, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, and member of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues; Mario Boccucci, Head of UN-REDD Programme Secretariat (moderator).


Rio Pavilion, Monday, 7 December -- All day event  -- detailed agenda
The Pavilion is inside the Climate Generations area, which is not in the blue (or accredited) zone. Official COP accreditation is not necessary to attend REDD+ Day activities in the Rio Pavilion.
Morning session: Safeguards (Access all Safeguards resources)
  • 10:50 – 12:15 Being Responsible in REDD+ - Country Approaches to Safeguards
  • 12:15 – 13:15 Informing stakeholders in REDD+: Safeguard Information Systems design and country experiences

Afternoon session: Economics of REDD+

  • 13.30 – 14:30 Embedding the economic rationale in REDD+ National Strategies
  • 15.00 – 16.00 Practical tools to develop REDD+ policies and measures
  • 16.00 – 17.00 Innovations in private finance: taking stock and emerging trends  Introduction

Forest and Landscape Restoration for supporting achievement of global goals
Rio Pavilion, Tuesday, 1 December -- All day event

Forest Action Day
Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 10:30-13:30 -- Observer Room 12, blue zone
This day is the first in a series of events under the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, focusing on forest protection, landscape restoration, financing, the fight against deforestation, and eliminating deforestation from agro-supply chains. Closing address: FAO Deputy Director General Maria Helena Semedo.

Official side event: Guatemala´s Climate Change Agenda and experiences on REDD+: people and biodiversity conservation
Thursday, 10 December, 18:30-20:00, Room 6
A view of Guatemala’s new climate change law and how it helps the implementation of REDD+ projects; a view to Guatemala’s demonstrative project Lacandon Forests for Life: lessons learned, major challenges toward sustainable development of communities and the protection of a biodiversity hotspot

Official side event: Leadership on low-carbon Amazon rural development: governments, civil society and supply chains
Tuesday, 8 December,16:45-18:15, Room 5
Amazon deforestation has dramatically reduced since 2005, but achieving zero deforestation requires new policies and practices to engage private sector and local communities in a low carbon economy. State governments, civil society and companies’ perspectives and experiences in key Amazon states.

Official side event: Deforestation-free Agriculture: Converting pledges into action
Tuesday, 8 December, 15:00-16:30, Room 6
Halting deforestation and reducing emissions in commodity supply chains requires a critical mass of companies, governments and others working together in a mutually supportive and accountable manner. Analysis of such work will be shared, including tools and guidance needed to transform the sector.

Official side event: Supporting poor, vulnerable and indigenous communities
Monday, 7 December, 15:00-16:30, Room 5
This event shares research on the quantity and quality of adaptation finance reaching those most in need; how to practically support the adaptation strategies and traditional knowledge of indigenous communities; and local community engagement with and benefits from REDD.

Official joint side-event of UNFCCC and UNEP: Presentation of UNEP 2015 Emissions gap report
Monday, 7 December, 13:15-14:45, Room 4
The 2015 Emissions gap report is one of UNEP’s flagship products. It is a scientific assessment of the so-called 'emissions gap' – the gap between anticipated emission levels in 2030, compared to levels consistent with a 2°C / 1.5° target.

Official side event: Role of Russian forests in GHG absorption. Policy and measures.
Friday, 4 December, 18:30-20:00, Room 5
Russia accounts for 70% of boreal forests and 25% of the world's forest resources. Rational use, protection, maintenance and forest reproduction, i.e. forest management, is one the most important elements of the Russian policy to reduce GHG emissions.

Official side event: Experiences from REDD+ piloting & existing forest certification used to inform national REDD+ action
Friday, 4 December, 16:45-18:15, Room 5
Fauna & Flora International, the Forest Stewardship Council and OroVerde-Tropical Forest Foundation will present lessons learned from site-level REDD+, the use of voluntary standards and existing forestry certification tools, to inform national REDD+ action plans and the implementation of safeguards

Official side event: Fostering Bottom-Up, Jurisdictional Low-Emission Development in Tropical States and Provinces
Friday, 4 December, 15:00-16:30, Room 5
Jurisdiction-wide LED-R strategies provide a framework for implementing REDD+ goals on the ground. We explore multi-stakeholder processes, new policy structures, and innovative finance mechanisms—including NAMAs and INDCs—that are enabling state-wide transitions to sustainability in the tropics.

Official side event: Supporting National Forest Monitoring with Earth Observation
Thursday, 3 December, 16:45-18:15, Room 5
National forest monitoring systems are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide proof for participation in REDD+. This GFOI side event shares experiences in the implementation of robust methodologies using remote sensing in setting up national MRV systems and related capacity building

Official side event: Forests, landscapes, climate & sustainable development - The evidence we need for the future we want
Thursday, 3 December, 15:00-16:30, Room 5
Land-based mitigation & adaptation: What are the research and evidence requirements that emerge from a joint post-2015 climate and development agenda aiming at inclusive growth, food/energy security and resource efficiency? We build on lessons from a decade of action research on REDD+ and beyond.

Official side event: REDD-plus web platform and the Lima Information Hub on REDD-plus results-based payments
Thursday, 3 December, 13:15-14:45, Room 5
The event aims to showcase to Parties and stakeholders the new-look, more user friendly REDD+ web platform, after its upgrade. The purpose is to encourage more Parties and stakeholders to share their experiences and lessons learned on REDD+ implementation on the platform. The event will also introduce the Lima Information Hub that publishes REDD= r

Official side event: Safeguarding REDD+ and related land use through effective participation and community monitoring
Thursday, 3 December, 11:30—13:00, Room 5
Participatory, transparent, and comprehensive monitoring and safeguard information systems, and related ​socio-environmental ​standards, are key for realizing multiple benefits from REDD+ and other land use. Community monitoring (using drones and smartphones) can help meet these requirements.

Official side event: Colombia’s Climate Strategies: mitigation, adaptation, Amazon Vision and linkages with agriculture
Wednesday, 2 December, 18:30-20:00, Room 6
Colombia will present the advances in its Amazon Vision program, framed within the National REDD+ Strategy, its National Adaptation Plan and Low Carbon Development Strategy. The discussion will include linkages and challenges for the agricultural sector to achieve a national green growth vision 

Official side event: REDD+ within INDCs: Governance lessons learned from community forest management in the tropics
Tuesday, 1 December, 16:45-18:15, Room 5
REDD+ finds prominent place in the INDCs of many developing countries that face serious governance and tenure issues. This event will share lessons learned from community forest management in Myanmar and elsewhere in tropics and discuss common principles for effective forest governance.

Official side event: The GDM-Peru and the access direct of Indigenous Peoples to the Green Climate Fund Tuesday, 1 December, 16:45-18:15, Room 4
Advances, lessons and challenges of GDM or Indigenous-FIP dedicated mechanism of Peru for land rights and forest management as key axes of reducing forest emissions; and the right of direct access of GDM-Peru to Green Climate Fund.

Official side event: REDD+ at the interface of biodiversity, climate change and human rights 
Monday, 30 November, 15:00-16:30, Room 4
Interactions between the UNFCCC and the Biodiversity Convention and current challenges to address the need of a better synergistic approach of these issues, in particular in view of the adoption of the Paris agreement

Official side event: Impacts and Indigenous Adaptation Strategies from the Amazon and Canada Monday, Monday, 30 November, 15:00-16:30 Room 5
The Indigenous Amazonian Fund aims at effective Mitigation-Adaptation, through the Titling and Governance of Indigenous Territories and Indigenous REDD+.

Global Landscape Forum

Website  /   Agenda Register  /  Speakers / Live Streaming

Launch of REDD+ Academy e-course and Learning Journals -- 14:40-15:35 -- Sunday, 6 December -- REDD+ Pavilion

Day 1 – Saturday, 5 December 

Amphitheatre Blue -- (17:15-18:45)
Day 2 -- Sunday, 6 December

Partners events

Technical side event (joint for adaptation and emissions gap reports) -- EU Pavilion, Friday 4 December 18:30-20:00

Equator Prize (UNDP)
Theatre Mogador, Monday, 7 December, 18:30 - 22:00

Equator Prize 2015 will recognize indigenous and community efforts related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental justice, sustainable agriculture and food security, and indigenous rights. The event is anticipated to include high-level speakers and celebrities.

Mediterranean forests and us facing climate change

Solutions-based nature pavilion (Climate Generations Area), Monday, 7 December, 14:00-15:00

Sustainable Innovation Forum (UNEP)
Stade de Paris, 7-8 December -- All day event
The Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15) is the largest business focused event held during the annual Conference of Parties (COP). Register.

Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI): Announcement of First Disbursements through the CAFI Fund (UNDP, FAO)
Africa Pavilion, Tuesday, 8 December; 12:00-13:30
CAFI will announce its first disbursements based on the investment plans submitted by countries that are members of CAFI. The event will demonstrate how beyond political commitments, Central African countries have clear and robust strategies to address forest loss and that donors have already disbursed funds to support their implementation. 

All IUCN forest and REDD+ related events at COP21 -- full list of activities

Other REDD+ related events and information

Cambodia presentation of National REDD+ Strategy -- Government of Cambodia -- Indonesia Pavilion, 1 December 11:00-12:00

Forests, climate and people: EU support to combat tropical deforestation (REDD+) -- Launch of EU event organized in partnership with the European Forest Institute (EU REDD+ Facility) -- EU Pavilion, 1 December 12.30-14.00

Matching private sector engagement with public commitments for Reducing Deforestation (REDD+)
Dialogue on the Tambopata REDD+ project in the Madre de Dios region in Peru, project is being developed by the Althelia Climate Fund that received investments from the European Investment Bank, the Dutch Development Bank FMO and others. Dutch Pavilion, Blue Zone; 3 December -- 19:00-20:00


Financing REDD+ (in Viet Nam, Indonesia, etc) -- Government of Norway -- Viet Nam Pavilion, 3 December, 13:30-15:00

IIED Symposium: Engaging men and women in REDD+ business: effectively addressing the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation -- Keynote address by UN-REDD Programme's Mirey Atallah -- 3-4 December -- Mercure Paris La Villette Hotel, 216 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris -- full schedule

Inaugral Climate, Law and Governance Day -- UN-REDD Programme's Steve Swan to participate in round table on legal preparedness for REDD+ -- 4 December -- full schedule of events

Zambia presentation of National REDD+ Strategy -- Government of Zambia -- Africa Pavilion, 4 December, 14:00-15:00

Advancing forestry cooperation to tackle climate change in Northeast Asia -- hosted by Green Asia Organization, presentation by UN-REDD Programme -- Korea Pavilion, 7 December, 13:00-15:00

UN-REDD Programme project on REDD+ readiness -- UN-REDD Programme's Mirey Atallah will present as part of a seven-member panel dialogue on the transition of REDD+ readiness to implementation -- Viet Nam Pavilion, 7 December, 13:30-15:00

Indigenous Peoples Pavilion -- regional days and cross-cutting thematic days -- full schedule of events

IUCN: Forests for the climate-- IUCN Pavilion -- full schedule of events

Guiana Shield REDD+ related events -- a series of events running parallel to COP21 -- full schedule of events

UNCC: Learn events -- One UN exhibit area -- full schedule of events

Africa Pavilion -- full schedule of events

Côte d'Ivoire side event -- "Fighting Climate Change and Promoting Sustainable Development in Africa" -- this event will include a presentation related to deforestation -- La galerie des Solutions -- Wednesday, 2 December, 14:00-16:00.

LULUCF and REDD+ Forest Potential on the Ground: Country-Level Dynamics  - Nordic Pavilion, 5 December, 16:15-17:45.

LULUCF and REDD+ Forest Potential in the Climate Policy Framework - Nordic Pavilion, 7 December, 10:15-11:45.




Media Contact

Jennifer Ferguson-Mitchell 
UN-REDD Programme Secretariat
Tel: +41 (0) 79 865 6138

E-mail: jennifer.ferguson-mitchell@un-redd.org


Registration for REDD+ side event


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6 Oct -- In the fight to stop climate change, forests are a vital weapon (Guardian op-ed)

29 Sept -- Central African Forest Initiative launched (FAO)

7 Sept -- Boosting Finance for Forest Protection (UNFCCC)


UN-REDD Programme 2015 Knowledge Resources

2015 UN-REDD Programme Annual Progress Report (English / French /Spanish)


Policy Brief : Fiscal incentives for agricultural commodity production: Options to forge compatibility with REDD+ (English / Spanish)

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Mapping multiple benefits of REDD+ in Paraguay: using spatial information to support land-use planning (English / Spanish)

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The Role of Forests in a Green Economy Transformation in Africa (English / French)

Multiple Benefits in the Democratic of the Congo: Valuation and Mapping Feasibility Study (English / French)

The Role and Contribution of Montane Forests and Related Ecosystem Services to the Kenyan Economy (English)

Forest Ecosystems in the transition to a green economy and the role of REDD+ in the United Republic of Tanzania (English)

Benefits of Forest Ecosystems in Zambia and the role of REDD+ in a Green Economy Transformation (English)

Carbon pools and multiple benefits of mangroves in Central Africa - Assessment for REDD+ (English / French)

Executive summary: The 2014 Indonesia Forest Governance Index (English)

Towards Better Forest Governance for REDD+ in Indonesia: An evaluation of the forest licensing system (English / Bahasa Indonesia)

Joint FCPF/UN-REDD Programme Guidance Note for REDD+ Countries: Establishing and Strengthening Grievance Redress Mechanisms (English)

Practical Experiences towards the Implementation of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+:  Opportunities and Challenges (LAC) (webcasts)

Information Note: Cancun Safeguards, SIS and Summary of Information (Asia-Pacific)  (English)

Technical considerations for Forest Reference Emission Level and/or Forest Reference Level construction for REDD+ under the UNFCCC (English / French / Spanish)

Resource Guide for Advanced Learning on REDD+  (English / Interactive Version)

Technical Resource Series 1: REDD+ Safeguards Information Systems: Practical Design Considerations (available soon)

Technical Resource Series 2: Country Approaches to REDD+ Safeguards: A global review of Initial Experiences and Emerging Lessons (available soon)

Technical Brief: Practical Design Considerations for REDD+ Safeguards Information System (English / Français / Español)

Info Brief: Country Approaches to Safeguards: Initial Experiences and Emerging Lessons (English / Français / Español)

Flyer: Country Approaches to Safeguards (English / Español Français)