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Transparent, Equitable and Accountable
Management of REDD+ Funds

One of the main prerequisites for national REDD+ systems to function effectively is for REDD+ countries to have the ability to receive, manage and redistribute performance payments in a transparent, equitable and accountable manner.

This is necessary in order to gain the confidence of international investors and local stakeholders alike, and will help ensure the delivery of emission reductions/carbon removal and the desired predictability of performance payments. Such confidence is needed to create a “virtuous circle” of performance and payments that leads to improvements in the way forest resources are used and to sustainable development outcomes.

Understanding drivers and causes of deforestation and forest degradation in Nepal: potential policies and measures for REDD+
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Corruption Risk Assessment for REDD+ in Kenya 

Sharing National Experiences on Transparency Accountability and Integrity for REDD+
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Guidance Note on Gender Sensitive REDD+
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Ensuring Inclusive, Transparent and Accountable National REDD+ systems: the Role of Freedom of Information
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Executive Summary:
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The Business Case for Mainstreaming Gender in REDD+
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UN-REDD Asia-Pacific Lessons Learned: Gender

UN-REDD Asia-Pacific Lessons Learned: Anti-Corruption Measures

UN-REDD Asia-Pacific Lessons Learned: Benefit Distribution

“Staying on Track; Tackling Corruption Risks in Climate Change” 
(English - Francais - Español), UNDP 2010.

Role of Local Governance for Anti Corruption REDD+ in Latin America and the Caribbean 
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