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UN-REDD Programme in Asia- Pacific

The UN-REDD Programme assists developing countries to prepare to implement REDD+, including the development of National REDD+ Strategies. Designed collaboratively by a broad range of stakeholders, National UN-REDD Programmes are informed by the technical expertise of FAO, UNDP and UNEP. Priority is given to developing sustainable national approaches that promote equitable outcomes and ensure that countries use reliable methodologies to assess emission reductions. The Programme currently supports 17 partner countries in Asia-Pacific. Nine countries, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam, receive direct support for their National  UN-REDD Programmes.

For a full list of UN-REDD Programme partner countries in Asia-Pacific, please visit the regional portal on the Collaborative Online Workspace. These countries can benefit from receiving targeted support from the UN-REDD Programme under the Support for National Action modality. They also engage with the Programme in a number of ways, including as observers to the Programme's Policy Board, and through participation in regional workshops and unique knowledge-sharing opportunities.