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REDD+ Academy

Latest News:

REDD+ Academy goes global: Launch of e-course and Learning Journals: The UN-REDD Programme is pleased to announce the launch of the first online version of its succesful REDD+ Academy courses and accompanying Learning Journals, making this valuable knowledge resource available to REDD+ policymakers, practitioners and communities worldwide. Learn more and register.

  • The first REDD+ Academy session Asia-Pacific region was hosted by the Government of Indonesia in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, from 28 October to 7 November 2014. The next REDD+ Academy sessions are envisaged for Africa and for Latin America/Caribbean in 2015, to be hosted by Argentina and Nigeria respectively, followed by REDD+ Academy sessions in rotating locations in different host countries.
  • The REDD+ Academy session held in Yogyakarta, brought together members of the Indonesian Parliament, environmental journalists, and REDD+ future leaders and practitioners from the sixteen UN-REDD partner countries across the region.  The Academy offers a comprehensive training course on all aspects of REDD+, which is preceded by a pre-course online introduction.

Read press Release: World-first REDD+ Academy launched in Indonesia
Read more about the REDD+ Academy session.
Download the programme.
View/Download the presentations.


The REDD+ Academy is a coordinated REDD+ capacity development initiative led by the UN-REDD Programme and the UNEP Environmental Education and Training Unit, which seeks to match the scale of the global climate change mitigation challenge and enable systematic, focused capacity development to deliver REDD+ on the ground.

Watch this video interview to learn more about the REDD+ Academy.

The development of the REDD+ Academy responds to needs expressed by UN-REDD Programme partner countries for a regionally focused education initiative for those involved in national REDD+ programmes. Accordingly, the design of the REDD+ Academy is guided by the following principles:

  • To engage new REDD+ practitioners in key policy and economic sectors relevant for reducing deforestation and forest degradation,
  • To build on existing REDD+ capacity development initiatives,
  • To ensure the delivery of a long-term and sustainable learning experience, and
  • To adopt a demand-driven, region specific approach to training tied to REDD+ implementation; and
  • To facilitate South-South cooperation.

The Academy course, ten days in duration, provides an overview of key REDD+ issues, including National REDD+ Strategies, National Forest Monitoring Systems, MRV and Monitoring, Reference Emission Levels, safeguards and Safeguard Information Systems, governance, stakeholder engagement, and climate finance, with the aim to empower participants to contribute to a well-informed national REDD+ process. A focus of the REDD+ Academy is to train REDD+ decision-makers in economic and policy sectors which will be essential for the success of Results-based Actions, such as agriculture, energy, mining, finance and development planning.

The REDD+ Academy will be underpinned by a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) being launched in 2015.

Participation is by invitation only and limited to participants from UN-REDD partner countries.

The REDD+ Academy design and delivery is led by a Steering Committee composed of UNEP, UNDP and FAO staff. The work of the Steering Committee will be supported by partners engaged in UN-REDD delivery and REDD+ capacity building including: UNORCID, UNITAR, CIFOR, IUFRO, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, Conservation International, the Global Canopy Program, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Alliance for Global REDD+ Capacity.

Funding for the design and initial delivery of the REDD+ Academy has been provided by the Government of Norway. The UNEP UN-REDD Programme team and the UNEP Environmental Education and Training Unit/DEPI (EETU/DEPI) are coordinating the REDD+ Academy process. This will also draw upon the Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES), which currently reaches out to over 400 Universities globally.

For more information, please contact: 

Mihaela Secrieru, REDD+ Academy Coordinator
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Email: Mihaela.Secrieru@unep.org
Tel: +254 20 762 3717 


Video: Participants of Latin America regional REDD+ Academy share experiences

Video: Asia-Pacific regional REDD+ Academy

Video interview on the REDD+ Academy

REDD+ Academy Training Materials from Asia-Pacific regional training (Nov 2014)

All REDD+ Academy materials can be found on the UN-REDD Programme Workspace here.

The training material can be downloaded as PDF file from the links below:


Alliance for Global REDD+ Capacity


Climate and Development Knowledge Network

Conservation International

Global Canopy Program

Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability


UNEP Environmental Education and Training Unit/DEPI



World Bank

World Wildlife Fund


Forests in a Changing Climate: A Sourcebook for Integrating REDD+ into Academic Programmes