The United Nations Collaborative Programme
on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation
and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries
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Publications & Resources

Each year, the UN-REDD Programme releases publications and resources for a wide range of audiences; from those just learning about REDD+ to expert REDD+ practitioners.

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Foundation Documents

UN-REDD Programme Strategy 2011-2015
English - Français - Español

UN-REDD Programme Rules of Procedure and Operational Guidance
English Français - Español

UN-REDD Programme Strategy Group, Management Group and Secretariat Terms of Reference

UN-REDD's Current Financial Information (MPTF Gateway)

UN-REDD Programme Policy Board Terms of Reference
English - Français - Español

Partner Countries



Democratic Republic of the Congo





Papua New Guinea


The Philippines

Republic of Congo

Solomon Islands

Sri Lanka


Viet Nam


Other Partner Countries

Request form to participate in the UN-REDD Programme
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UN-REDD Lessons Learned Series

English - Français - Español

English - Français - Español

Policy Board

October 2012 - Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo.
Download report | Press release

March 2012 - Asunción, Paraguay
Download report | Press release

October 2011 - Berlin, Germany
Download report | Press release

March 2011 - Da Lat, Viet Nam
Download report | Press release

November 2010 - Washington, DC
Download report | Press release

March 2010 - Nairobi, Kenya
Download report | Press release

October 2009 - Washington, DC
Download report | Press release

June 2009 - Montreux, Switzerland
Download report | Press release

March 2009 - Panama City, Panama
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Technical Work Areas

Bulding Natural Capital: How REDD+ can Support a Green Economy
English | Español | Français | Bahasa

Bulding Natural Capital: How REDD+ can Support a Green Economy - summary for Policy Makers
English - Español - Français

Sharing National Experiences on Transparency Accountability and Integrity for REDD+
English -

Guidance Note on Gender Sensitive REDD+
English - Español - Français

Measurement, Reporting, Verification (MRV) and Monitoring

Engagement of Indigenous Peoples and other Forest Dependent Communities

Multiple Benefits of REDD+

National REDD+ Governance

Equitable, Transparent, Accountable Management of REDD+ Funds

REDD+ and a Green Economy

COP16 Publication: Perspectives on REDD+

Business Case for Mainstreaming Gender and REDD+
English - Français - Español

Ensuring Inclusive, Transparent and Accountable National REDD+ systems: the Role of Freedom of Information
English - Español - Français

UN-REDD Policy Brief series:

UN-REDD Programme Policy Brief: Tenure and REDD+
English - Español - Français

UN-REDD Policy Brief on REDD+ and the 2020 Aichi Biodiversity Targets: Promoting Synergies in International Forest Conservation Efforts
English - Español - Français

UN-REDD Policy Brief on The Role of the Private Sector in REDD+: the Case for Engagement and Options for Intervention
English - Español - Français - Bahasa

Putting REDD+ Safeguards and Safeguard Information Systems into Practice
English - Français - Español

REDD+ Beyond Carbon: Supporting Decisions on Safeguards and Multiple Benefits
English - Français - Español

REDD+ and the Green Economy
English - Français - Español

Corporate Communications

Newsletter Archive

Year in Review reports

2011 Year in Review
English - Français - Español

2010 Year in Review
English - Français - Español

2009 Year in Review
English - Français - Español
UN-REDD Fast Facts Flyer
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Success Stories

Collaborative Research Generates Country-Specific Tree Allometric Equations in Viet Nam
English - Español - Français

Zambia National Forest Monitoring System
English - Français - Español

Social and Environmental Standards in DRC
English - Français - Español

Indonesia Joining Forces for Tackling Difficult Governance Challenges
English - Français - Español

Frequently Asked Questions
English - Français - Español

UN-REDD videos

UN-REDD poster series

Regional Communications

Go-REDD+ list-serv archive

Asia-Pacific’s Lessons Learned series

Asia-Pacific’s general brochure

Free, Prior and Informed Consent for REDD+ in the Asia-Pacific Region: Lessons Learned
English - Français - Español

Joint Publications

A Draft Framework for Sharing Approaches for Better Multi-Stakeholder Participation Practices

REDD+ Benefit Sharing: A Comparative Assessment of Three National Policy Approaches

A Review of Three REDD+ Safeguard Initiatives

FCPF, FIP & UN-REDD joint pamphlet
English - Français - Español

Little Forest Finance Book

For the Media

Media Pack- Reporting on REDD+

UN-REDD video library

Press release archive