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Third Policy Board Meeting

The third Policy Board meeting took place in Washington, D.C. from 29-30 October 2009.

Highlights of the meeting include the admission of Argentina, Cambodia, Ecuador, Nepal and Sri Lanka to the UN-REDD Programme, Denmark’s entry as a donor and the approval of Panama’s UN-REDD national programme.

The Policy Board meeting also welcomed four new representatives of civil society organizations, identified via a self-selection process. As set out in the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board Rules of Procedure and Operational Guidance, one full member seat is reserved for a representative of civil society.

Press release:

The UN-REDD Programme welcomes five new countries
Argentina, Cambodia, Ecuador, Nepal and Sri Lanka join the UN-REDD Programme, Denmark becomes a new donor and Panama gets approval of its UN-REDD national programme. Read More...

Please find below the meeting’s documents

  • Core meeting documents:
  1. Participants List
    English French Spanish
  2. Press Release
    English French Spanish
  3. Requests to Join UN-REDD
    English French Spanish
  4. MPTF Funding Framework
    English French Spanish
    1. Draft National Programme Document – Panama
      English  French Spanish
    2. Panama National Programme Summary
      English  French Spanish
    3. Panama National Programme Submission Form
      English  French Spanish
  5. Harmonization of Readiness Components
    English French Spanish
  6. Operational Guidence IP
    English French Spanish
  • Presentations:
  1. High level Event on REDD
    English French Spanish
  2. Secretariat Progress Report
    English French Spanish
  3. National Programme Update
    English French  Spanish
  4. National Joint Programme Updates:
    1. Bolivia
    2. Cambodia
    3. DRC
    4. Indonesia
    5. Panama
    6. Paraguay
    7. Tanzania
    8. Viet Nam
    9. Zambia
  5. Observer Country Presentations:
    1. Ecuador
    2. Sri lanka
  6. IP/CSO
    English French Spanish
  7. MRV Progress
    English  French  Spanish
  8. Multiple Benefits Update
    English French  Spanish