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First Policy Board Meeting

The UN-REDD Programme held its first Policy Board meeting from 9th to 10th March 2009 in Panama.

During the high level Policy Board meeting, senior government representatives of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, and Viet Nam, presented their plans for preparing national strategies for a future REDD regime. The presentation of the national programmes served as valuable learning and sharing experiences among participants on the way forward.

The $18 million worth of funding, roughly a third of the sums currently available, has been approved in support of action plans to assist the countries concerned prepare for the inclusion of REDD in a new climate deal. An additional $6.9 million was approved for global activities that support country efforts.

For more information – please find below the meeting report and related documentations.

  • Presentations
  1. UN-REDD programme Overview
  2. Multi Donor Trust Fund Framework
  3. UN-REDD Policy Board Terms of Reference & Rules of Procedure
  4. NJPD Democratic Republic of Congo
  5. NJPD Indonesia
  6. NJPD Panama
  7. NJPD Paraguay
  8. NJPD Papua New Guinea
  9. NJPD Tanzania
  10. NJPD Viet Nam
  11. NJPD Zambia
  12. International Support Functions Global Joint Programme
  13. Establishing a Civil Society Advisory Group
  14. Operational Guidance on the Engagement of Indigenous Peoples & Other Forest Dependent Communities
  15. Measurement, Assessment, Reporting and Verification
  • Documents
  1. Report of the meeting
    English  French Spanish
  2. Agenda
    English  French Spanish
  3. List of Participants
    English  French Spanish
  4. Strategic Overview
    English  French  Spanish
  5. Multi Donor Trust Fund Funding Framework Document
    English  French  Spanish
  6. Policy Board Terms of Reference
    English  French Spanish
  7. UN-REDD Programme Rules of Procedure and Operational guidance
    English  French Spanish
  8. Civil Society Indipendent Advisory Group Terms of Reference ( Establishing An Independent Civil Society Advisory Group And Transparent Global Learning On Forests, Livelihoods, And Climate Change)
    English  French Spanish
  9. Indigenous People Engagement Operational Guidelines ( UN-REDD Programme Operational Guidance: Engagement of Indigenous Peoples & other forest dependent communities)
    English  French  Spanish
  10. MARV Discussion paper (Measurement, Assessment, Reporting and Verification (MARV) Issues And Options For REDD)
    English  French  Spanish
  11. Global Joint Programme Document
  12. National Joint  Programme Documents *
Democratic Republic of Congo
English  French Spanish
English  French Spanish
Papua New Guinea
English  French Spanish
English  French Spanish
Viet Nam
English  French Spanish
Please note that the National Joint Programme documents have been discussed by the Policy Board ,which approved the funding allocation and provided country specific recommendations for finalization of these programmes