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Eleventh Policy Board Meeting

The eleventh UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting took place in Geneva, Switzerland on 8-10 December 2013.

For any questions related to the Policy Board meeting, please contact us at: policyboard@un-redd.org.

Information Documents

Information Session Documents:

Session I - Opening and Approval of Agenda:

Session II - Overview of Progress and Results since the Tenth Policy Board:

  1. Semi-Annual 2013 Progress Update on Achievements under the UN-REDD Programme Fund
    English - Español  - Français

  2. Annexes to Interim Semi-Annual Update

    1. Bolivia
    2. Cambodia
    3. Congo
    4. DRC
    5. Ecuador
    6. Nigeria
    7. Panama
    8. Papua New Guinea
    9. Paraguay
    10. Solomon Islands
    11. Philippines
    12. Sri Lanka
    13. Tanzania
    14. Zambia
    15. SNA
      English  - Español  - Français

  3. UN-REDD Programme Funding Framework
    English - Español  - Français

  4. UN-REDD Programme Policy Brief: Tenure and REDD+
    English - Español  - Français

  5. Presentations

Session III - SNA Workplan and Budget Revision 2014:

Session IV - Sharing Experiences from Implementation:

  • Presentations
  • Session V - National Programmes:  

    Session VI - Policy Board Review:

    Session VII - Programme Evaluation:

    Session VIII - Update from FCPF:

    Joint FCPF and UN-REDD Programme Knowledge Day (11 Dec 2013)


    Key Documents

    Report of the Eleventh Policy Board Meeting
    English - Français - Español

    Policy Board Composition

    Rules of Procedure and Operational Guidance
    English - Français - Español

    Policy Board Terms of Reference
    English Français  Español

    Report of the Ninth Policy Board Meeting
    English - Français - Español


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