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Tenth Policy Board Meeting

 The tenth UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting was held in Lombok, Indonesia on 25-27 June 2013. 

Press release:

Lombok, Indonesia – 28 June 2013 - UN-REDD Programme Approves US$4 million for Colombia’s National Programme and US$4 million for Community-Based REDD+ Grants
The UN-REDD Policy Board also applauded Viet Nam on completing the first phase of their UN-REDD National Programme. Read full release...

For any questions related to the Policy Board meeting, please contact us at: policyboard@un-redd.org.

Information Documents

Session I - Opening and Approval of Agenda:

Session II - Sharing Information, Progress and Results:

  1. Annual 2012 Progress Report of the UN-REDD Programme Fund
    English - Español  - Français

  2. Annexes to Interim Annual Report

    1. Bolivia
    2. Cambodia
    3. DRC
    4. Ecuador
    5. Indonesia
    6. Nigeria
    7. Panama
    8. Papua New Guinea
    9. Paraguay
    10. Philippines
    11. Solomon Islands
    12. Tanzania
    13. Zambia
    14. Global Programme - SNA
      English  - Español  - Français

  3. UN-REDD Programme Funding Framework
    English - Español - Français

  4. Draft Monitoring Framework for the Support to National REDD+ Action 2013-2014
    English - Español  - Français  

  5. Concept Note for Support to Community-Based REDD+

  6. Summary of Responses to Comments Received from PB Members on CBR+ Concept Note

Session III - Implementation of National Programmes:

Session IV - Policy Board Review:

Session V - Funding Allocation Requests:  

Session VI - Programme Evaluation of the UN-REDD Programme:

Session VII - International Support Functions:


Pre-Policy Board Information and Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Policy Board Meeting Presentations


Report of the Tenth Policy Board Meeting
English - Français - Español

Key Documents

Report of the Tenth Policy Board Meeting
English - Français - Español

Policy Board Composition

Rules of Procedure and Operational Guidance
English - Français - Español

Policy Board Terms of Reference
English Français  Español

Report of the Ninth Policy Board Meeting
English - Français - Español


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