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UN-REDD Indonesia website launch

The UN-REDD Indonesia Programme has launched a new website, www.un-redd.or.id, as it recently entered its implementation phase.

At www.un-redd.or.id, you can find a presentation of the UN-REDD Programme in Indonesia, important events, and links to relevant websites. In addition, REDD+ is explained through video content, and there are links to the UN-REDD Programme on Twitter and YouTube. 

As the Programme evolves, the page will expand into a larger website, including more detailed information about UN-REDD Programme activities in Indonesia. Videos and pictures from the implementation in Sulawesi will be among the upcoming content featured on the website.

In this issue


UN-REDD at the Bonn Climate Change Talks

Monitoring Governance Safeguards for REDD+

MRV Workshop in Mexico

UN-REDD at World Environment Day

UN-REDD Indonesia website launch
Features & Commentary

Supporting REDD+ Readiness in UN-REDD Partner Countries By: Josep Gari & Tim Boyle

The Oslo Forest and Climate Conference: A REDD+ partnership agreement beyond state partners By: Pacifique Mukumba Isumbisho
Reports & Analysis

UN-REDD Supports National Governance Systems for REDD+

Expert Report on REDD+ and Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Looking ahead

Measurement‚ Reporting and Verification (MRV) Joint Workshop with UN-REDD‚ GEO & CONAFOR
22 -24 June 2010‚ Guadalajara‚ Jalisco‚ Mexico

18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference
28 June - 2 July 2010‚ Edinburgh‚ Scotland
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