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Dear reader,

This month, the World Cup started on the same day UNFCCC climate change talks wrapped up in Bonn. At first glance, the connection between the two events might not be an obvious one. But if there is one take-home message from soccer it is about fair play and scoring goals-- a message that those at the climate talks seem to have embraced. During the two weeks of negotiations, participants demonstrated their commitment to the goal of reducing emissions and making sure REDD+ remains in the game. As we work toward COP-16 in Mexico in December, fair play- in the form of innovative discussions and solutions to climate change- will be key to scoring a winning goal for the environment.

Okay, no more tenuous soccer analogies. But I think you get my point…

While in Bonn, I was struck by how lessons from REDD+ pilot countries and conversations with a broad range of stakeholders could reinforce and inform the formal negotiations. I took away three key messages in conversations with these groups.

Firstly, REDD+ remains one of the most cost effective solutions to stabilizing global climate change. But as each day passes without a legally binding treaty, we reduce our ability to halt the increase in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We need to have conversations on the substance that can get us closer to an agreement. Lessons from pilot REDD+ activities are an important part of this.   

Secondly, moving from funding pledges to implementation is urgent.

Finally, we need to enhance our dialogue with the private sector on their role in REDD+. The private sector is not only a potential source of future funding from emissions trading, but we could benefit from hearing their views and perspectives on the design and implementation of REDD+.

Yemi Katerere
Head of the UN-REDD Programme Secretariat

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