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MRV: On the Road to COP16

The UN-REDD Programme teams up with space agencies and the Global Forest Monitoring Facility to discuss ways of enhancing remote sensing, and develop a joint symposium in Mexico on MRV for REDD+.

The UN-REDD Programme recently met with the Global Forest Monitoring Facility (GFMF), representatives from space agencies, and representatives from various countries to discuss ways of enhancing remote sensing data for REDD+ in a frequent, free and useful manner for the countries involved in REDD+. The meeting took place on 17-18 February in Los Angeles, California.

Representatives at the meeting agreed that efforts to enhance remote sensing data will be critical in providing an information system relating to the world’s forests to support national MRV activities as well as international organizations, NGOs, and scientists. The group discussed the development of an open source software facility that could integrate the knowledge from different organizations to facilitate remote sensing work in the MRV process.

Moving forward, the group agreed that the UN-REDD Programme and the Forest Carbon Tracking Task (GEO-FCT) will hold a joint symposium on MRV for REDD+ in Guadalajara, Mexico from 22-24 June 2010. UN-REDD Programme countries and GEO FCT demonstrators will be invited to present and discuss their experiences and contributions to the MRV framework.

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