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Official launch of the UN-REDD Programme in Tanzania

Over 80 people from various national organizations, NGOs, government, and community groups attended the official launch of the UN-REDD Programme in Tanzania in early November

Dr. Ladislaus Komba, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT), officially launches the UN-REDD national programme.

The official launch of the UN-REDD national programme for Tanzania took place on 6 November 2009 in Morogoro, Tanzania. More than 80 people from various national organizations, NGOs, government ministries, and community groups were on hand to celebrate the event. In the spirit of national coordination, the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group Mjumita Community REDD project was also launched on the same occasion

Special guest included Dr. Ladislaus Komba, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT), Mr. Alain Noudehou, Country Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Mr. Jon Lomoy, Norwegian Ambassador, Mr. Donatius Kamamba, Director of Antiquities, MNRT and Mr. Patrick Qorro, Chairman, Tanzania Forest Conservation Group.

Dr. Kilahama, Director of the Tanzanian Forestry and Beekeeping Division, provided background on the momentum for REDD activities in Tanzania including the process of approval by the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board. He discussed the importance of the UN-REDD Programme helping to build up capacity and to seek agreement from key stakeholders on a national REDD framework. Dr. Kilahama noted the creation of the National Task Force on REDD under the Vice President’s Office and the MNRT that will expand  to include other stakeholders and support the development of a comprehensive REDD strategy.

A representative from the National REDD Task Force, Mr. Haule, highlighted the major issues of concern in developing a National REDD Strategy in Tanzania. He covered opportunities, such as the potential for contributing to national forest incomes, and challenges, including the quality of databases and the lack of clear and coordinated institutional framework. 

Prof P. Munishi addressed more technical issues: he outlined existing measurement and assessment projects as well as the need to expand activities to be able to fully establish and map permanent carbon monitoring plots.

Mr Alain Noudehou stressed that Africa is likely to be hit hard by climate change and that the UN-REDD Programme is a critical response for Tanzania and an important aspect of the global efforts. The UNDP Country Director paid tribute to the Government of Tanzania on its commitment to forests and the Government of Norway for its generous financial support.

Mr. Jon Lomoy, Norwegian Ambassador to Tanzania, stressed that preservation of forests must happen not only at the local level but also requires the framework to be in place at the global level. Echoing his remarks, Permanent Secretary of the MNRT, Dr. Ladislaus Komba, emphasized the need for community involvement in order for REDD to succeed. It is only right that they be paid for this globally essential service”, he stated Dr. Komba also addressed the issue of good governance and keeping REDD free of corruption as well as the important role of the private sector.

On the following day, approximately 20 of the attendees participated in a site visit to a forest plot in the Uluguru mountains. The pressures of subsistence agriculture were evident as well as the challenges in monitoring the forest coverage and in working with the local population to ensure that forest conservation supports their livelihoods.

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