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Anti-Corruption Online Resources for REDD+

Two new online resources are available for sharing information and building professional skills in anti-corruption programming.

A multiagency web portal dedicated to anti-corruption for development (www.anti-corruption.org) was officially launched at a side event entitled "Role of Governance and Anti-corruption looking to the post 2015 agenda" on 25 September during the 68th UN General Assembly. Drawing resources from agencies such as UNDP, UNODC, OHCHR and UNESCO, the web portal provides open access to information and knowledge on the linkages between anti-corruption and today’s major development challenges: human rights, climate change, gender equality and empowerment, natural resource management, illicit financial flows, and peace-building, among others. To encourage cross-practice collaboration and the sharing of ideas, a thematic page is dedicated to showcasing the anti-corruption activities in the UN-REDD Programme.

An on-line course on anti-corruption has been made available for development practitioners. The course was developed by UNDP’s Democratic Governance Group, Bureau for Development Policy, and the Learning Resources Centre of the Office of Human Resources, Bureau of Management, with support from practitioners and offices around the world. The course builds on UNDP’s accumulated knowledge and experience in anti-corruption programming and has benefited from the substantive contributions of partners and donors including the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC),the Anti-Corruption Resource Centre (U4), NORAD, AusAID, and the United Nations System Staff College in Turin. Interested partner countries and development partners are invited to take the course and to share it among their networks. Completing the course takes approximately one hour, and a certificate of completion is given to those who finish the course successfully.





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