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Cambodian National REDD+ Taskforce Established

The establishment and operation of the Cambodian National REDD+ Taskforce will generate numerous lessons that will be of added value to countries facing challenges in managing REDD+ readiness processes.

In February, the Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia issued an official decree (“Prakas”) to establish the National Taskforce on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+). The Taskforce consists of representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Environment, Economy and Finance, Industry Mines and Energy, Rural Development, and Land Management Urbanization and Construction.

The Cambodian REDD+ Taskforce will:

  • Be the primary coordination and decision-making body on REDD+ within the Government of Cambodia;
  • Manage and coordinate projects and programmes associated with REDD+;
  • Monitor results of projects to ensure that they are consistent within the Cambodian context; and 
  • Report to the Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries every month.

The UN-REDD Programme has supported the Royal Government of Cambodia in the establishment of the Taskforce in several ways.Firstly, the development of a REDD+ Readiness Roadmap for Cambodia (subsequently developed into the country’s Readiness Preparation Proposal) was supported by UN-REDD Programme teams at FAO and UNDP in 2010.  Secondly, a secretariat, the staff of which is mostly recruited by the UN-REDD Programme, oversees the day-to-day management of the Taskforce.  Finally, as membership of Cambodian Taskforces is legally restricted to government representatives, a Consultation Group will be established, consisting of representatives from civil society organizations, indigenous peoples, academia and the private sector. The Consultation Group will operate alongside the Taskforce to ensure that views of all stakeholders are accurately accounted for. The UN-REDD Programme is playing a central role in facilitating the selection process for these stakeholder groups to select members of the Consultation Group.





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