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UN-REDD Engages with Indigenous Peoples at COP18

At CoP 18 and Forest Day 6, the UN-REDD Programme participated in and attended a number of discussions with indigenous peoples’ networks to review progress and future goals for ensuring their continued inclusion in the evolving REDD+ processes.

The UN-REDD Programme had a number of discussions with indigenous peoples’ networks and representatives that participated in CoP 18. Since the UN-REDD Programme’s inception in 2008, its practice of consulting regularly with indigenous peoples has shaped the Programme’s approach and action in countries, leading to the promotion of strong stakeholder engagement principles for the UN-REDD Programme, including a strong body of work to apply the principle of free, prior and informed consent. The discussions around CoP 18 provided an opportunity to discuss the progress and future goals for ensuring the continued inclusion of indigenous peoples in REDD+ processes as the initiative evolves and grows.

The Global Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues met on the sidelines of CoP 18, with an event that was attended by over 60 participants. Four UN-REDD Programme staff participated in the meeting to discuss how the Programme could build and improve on existing efforts to ensure the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples in REDD+ and to provide updates on current work in this area. The UN-REDD Programme also attended a side event on the Green Climate Fund (GCF) organized by the Tebtebba Foundation and the Indigenous Peoples’ Partnership on Climate Change and Forests, with the support of NORAD. This examined how indigenous peoples’ inclusion in the GCF could be improved, and reviewed the proposed environmental and social safeguards that have been developed by the Fund.

As a key partner of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), the UN-REDD Programme participated actively in the FCPF Global Dialogue with Indigenous Peoples, which took place in Doha during 9-11 December, directly after the close of CoP 18. The UN-REDD Programme has contributed to of the preceding regional and global dialogues with indigenous peoples, which were organized over the course of 2012 and 2011. This final dialogue provided an opportunity to discuss how the Programme could contribute to the realization of the global and regional action plans that have been developed by indigenous peoples as a result of this series of dialogues and how to work closely with the FCPF on issues of indigenous peoples’ participation in REDD+.





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