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New UN-REDD Success Story: DRC's Safeguard Standards

The most recent UN-REDD Programme success story showcases the development of social and environmental standards for REDD+ in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

 In the UN-REDD Programme's new success story entitled, "Including Stakeholders in the Development of Social and Environmental Standards for REDD+ in DRC", the Programme presents the work it supported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to develop social and environmental standards for REDD+ with the full and meaningful participation of a wide range of stakeholders in the country.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has taken a participatory approach in the formulation of its national Social and Environmental (SE) standards, which cover several areas including enhancing governance and capturing the multiple benefits of REDD+. The consultation process was undertaken in six provinces to collect feedback from different actors and local communities, as well as to involve and better anchor the process at the local level.  

This work on SE standards has enhanced the confidence among Congolese stakeholders on the potential of REDD+ to deliver multiple SE benefits while minimizing risks of negative impacts under certain circumstances. The early development of social and environmental standards applied to REDD+ also has the advantage of setting clear rules of the game for all kinds of project developers and investors in landscape management in DRC, which eventually should place DRC in a position to attract and favour the type of actors that are serious about achieving REDD+ goals while contributing to DRC’s development.

Download DRC's Safeguards Success Story in English, French and Spanish.

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Reports & Analysis

New UN-REDD Success Story: DRC's Safeguard Standards

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25 November, 2012: Doha, Qatar

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2 December, 2012: Doha, Qatar

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5 December, 2012: Doha, Qatar

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