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Crossroads for the REDD+ Partnership

In September, the REDD+ Partnership will meet in Bangkok to discuss its future beyond 2012. In this article, the current REDD+ Partnership co-chairs reflect on the evolution of the Partnership since it began in 2010.

By: Christine Dragisic (USA) and Jorge Mario Rodríguez Zúñiga (Costa Rica)

The REDD+ Partnership is an integral part of the constellation of initiatives and programmes seeking to advance REDD+ globally. Formed by an original 58 Partners at the Oslo Climate and Forest Conference in May 2010, the Partnership has expanded to include 75 Partners today. The Partnership is open to all countries willing to contribute to REDD+ actions or support, and confirm their agreement to the Partnership Agreement elaborated at the Oslo conference.

 The core objective of the Partnership is to contribute to the global battle against climate change by serving as an interim platform for Partners to scale up REDD+ actions and finance, and to that end to take immediate action, including improving the effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and coordination of REDD+ initiatives and financial instruments, to facilitate among other things knowledge transfer, capacity enhancement, mitigation actions and technology development and transfer.

Since its inception, the REDD+ Partnership has served as an open and constructive forum for dialogue for Partners and other stakeholders on technical and financing issues related to REDD+. The development of the Voluntary REDD+ Database, and the various studies commissioned by the REDD+ Partnership, have brought a new degree of transparency to financing of REDD+ actions. The collective capacity of Partners and other stakeholders has been increased through focused knowledge exchange and capacity building. However, Partners recognize that there is still much to do to fully achieve the original objective of the REDD+ Partnership, and to realize the full potential REDD+ can play in achieving the ultimate objective of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

For this reason, Partners are currently considering extending the REDD+ Partnership beyond 2012, which was its original mandate. Several meetings have been held this year, and submissions received from Partners and Stakeholders alike, on what a future phase of the Partnership might look like, and especially what action Partners might take together to advance the original objective of the Partnership. These discussions are expected to conclude before the end of the year.

As co-chairs of the REDD+ Partnership this semester, we are honored to have been entrusted to help guide the discussions on the future of the Partnership to a constructive conclusion, and heartened by the thought and consideration given by both Partners and Stakeholders to the role the Partnership might continue to play in shaping REDD+. We look forward to productive meetings on the future of the Partnership in Bangkok in September, and in Doha later this year, and to advancing our collective vision in the spirit of collaboration and trust which defines the REDD+ Partnership today.

Christine Dragisic is the REDD+ Focal Point in the US Department of State, and current co-chair of the REDD+ Partnership.






Jorge Mario Rodríguez Zúñiga works for The National Forestry Financing Fund (FONAFIFO) in Costa Rica, and is current co-chair of the REDD+ Partnership.





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Crossroads for the REDD+ Partnership
By: Christine Dragisic (USA) and Jorge Mario Rodríguez Zúñiga (Costa Rica)

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