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UN-REDD Partner Countries Highlight Their Needs in the Different Phases of REDD+

During a recent workshop in Colombia, UN-REDD Programme partner countries underscored their need to bolster technical capacities in various stages of REDD+ readiness and implementation.

On 26 June in Santa Marta, Colombia, the UN-REDD Programme and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) hosted a workshop to present the preliminary findings of a global country needs assessment. During the workshop, the preliminary findings were discussed by more than 20 partner countries along with representatives from civil society, Indigenous Peoples, REDD+ experts and other stakeholders. The workshop provided a valuable opportunity for the FCPF and UN-REDD Programme to hear directly from countries about the kind of support they now require to move ahead with REDD+ readiness and implementation.

A message from participants was that countries need more support to strengthen national technical capacities across the wide range of work areas related to REDD+ implementation. From setting up REDD+ forest systems for measurement, reporting, verification and monitoring to effective stakeholder engagement, countries underscored the importance of support to governance, benefit sharing and REDD+ strategy options. Participants also suggested that the assessment be refined to better capture the different needs among them, and requested that the assessment be expanded to include some comparisons and analysis of countries at the same stage of readiness and implementation efforts. Comments were also shared with the UN-REDD Programme Secretariat in writing after the workshop.

Monica Svenskerud of Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“The workshop provided an insight into the needs of different countries with regard to support. It was interesting to see where countries, at different phases, were most in needed of support as it helps us to think through what requirements we will have in 12 months or two years’ time," said Vathana Khun, with the National REDD+ Task Force Secretariat in Cambodia, who participated in the workshop.

“I think the workshop was productive and covered pertinent issues needed for future REDD+ initiatives. Tanzania is in the process to develop a national REDD+ strategy, safeguards, a national REDD+ fund and a climate fund, as well as a national carbon monitoring centre. The results from the study will be used as inputs in these undertakings," said Deusdedit Kamalamo Bwoyo, Coordinator of the National Forest and Beekeeping Programme in Tanzania, who also participated in the workshop.

Read more comments from the workshop on the UN-REDD Programme blog.

Leandro Carlos Fernández of Argentina’s Ministry of Climate and Sustainable Development

The joint UN-REDD Programme-FCPF country needs assessment was conducted between March and May 2012 and was informed by survey results from 15 countries and six in depth case studies with country visits. After the workshop in Colombia, the preliminary assessment was open for comments until 6 July 2012 and an updated version is planned to be available on 15 July.

Next steps
The UN-REDD Programme and FCPF are now working on incorporating all inputs into a revised version of the assessment. The two initiatives will also issue a joint response in the coming months which will address the identified priorities and next steps. Once finalized, the assessment will serve as the basis for the planning of future UN-REDD National and Global Programme support, to ensure resources are applied efficiently and effectively towards meeting the needs of countries in the readiness process.

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