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Indonesia and Viet Nam Advance Approaches to Forest Monitoring for REDD+

UN-REDD National Programmes in Indonesia and Viet Nam are building national technical capacity in forest biomass estimation for REDD+.

By: Akiko Inoguchi and Martha Maulidia

REDD+ has the potential to deliver cost-effective climate change mitigation through sustainable means. However, in order to be implemented, forest services in most countries must make more accurate assessments of the forest carbon stocks and carbon stock changes. Allometric equations (AE) used to predict biomass from tree characteristics (ie/ trunk diameter, height and wood specific gravity) are proving to be a valuable tool in forest monitoring for REDD+.

The UN-REDD National Programmes in Indonesia and Viet Nam are focusing on building capacity for developing country-specific AE. Viet Nam's UN-REDD National Programme is working on the compilation of a national database for existing AE and related information, as well as conducting field measurements for the development of new AE in a number of representative forest types throughout the country. In Indonesia, national efforts have produced and adopted a national standard for developing AE. In support of these initiatives, a training event was held on 18-22 June 2012 in Hanoi, Viet Nam on data analysis, model development and statistical analysis for biomass and carbon stock assessment, for participants from the two countries. The participants of the training were tasked to work with country data to develop appropriate models, and to identify data gaps to be addressed in the future. The event also facilitated knowledge sharing in biomass AE development between the two countries.

The training event was attended by 40 technical staff from the two countries, including government agencies (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Viet Nam, Ministry of Forestry Indonesia), research centers (Research Center for Forest Ecology and Environment - Viet Nam, Forestry Research and Development Agency – Indonesia) and universities (Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam Forestry University, University of Tadulako Indonesia). Dr. Laurent Saint-André, of INRA & CIRAD-Forestry Department and Dr. Matieu Henry of the UN-REDD Programme, working at FAO acted as the resource people for the training.

Ms. Virni Budi Arifanti, a researcher at Center for Climate Change and Policy, Ministry of Forestry Indonesia was happy with the training, saying that the event gave her additional knowledge in modeling and statistical analysis, which she would use for her research on peat swamp forest biomass stock estimation in a peat swamp forest in Kalimantan.

Participants from Viet Nam also expressed their excitement in feeling more confident about the choice of appropriate models for AE. A multi-agency team of participants from Viet Nam will be working collaboratively to identify further gaps and to improve the compiled AE database for the country.

Click here for materials from the training.

Akiko Inoguchi is a REDD+ Forestry Officer for FAO, based in Hanoi, Vietnam.









Martha Maulidia is a UN-REDD Programme Technical Officer for FAO, based in Jakarta, Indonesia.










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Features & Commentary

Indonesia and Viet Nam Advance Approaches to Forest Monitoring for REDD+
By: Akiko Inoguchi and Martha Maulidia
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