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UN-REDD Explores New Forest Monitoring Collaborations for REDD+

The UN-REDD Programme recently contributed to a global Capacity Development for REDD+ (CD-REDD) workshop, joining forces with other initiatives to enhance forest monitoring support to REDD+ countries.

The CD-REDD Regional Data Collection Workshop, which took place in Berlin 28 May to 8 June, 2012, aimed at assessing and compiling forest sector activity data for greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories in 11 countries across Central America and Africa. The workshop made significant inroads in the identification of data gaps still remaining in most countries. Understanding where the gaps remain will be critical to help inform how future work on GHG inventories should advance.

The CD-REDD team is made up of staff hired with German aid funding (GIZ) through the Coalition of Rainforest Nations. The UN-REDD Programme was invited to the workshop to provide technical inputs and expertise, as well as listen and gain a greater understanding about the data collection and training needs of REDD+ countries. Moving forward, the UN-REDD Programme will continue to explore ways in which it can work more closely with the CD-REDD team and other partners to improve consistency and reduce duplication in terms of training and support to countries developing their GHG inventories.

The UN-REDD Programme also identified possible areas of collaboration with Colorado State University in the USA, which has developed software to calculate GHG emissions from Agriculture and Land Use change (ALU) tool. The software collates GHG input data such as forest areas and changes in land uses and does many of the calculations required to process the data to help countries produce a GHG report. The UN-REDD Programme also made useful contacts at the workshop with the UNFCCC's Eastern and Southern Africa GHG project and the Southern African Development Community's REDD+ project.

There were 34 participants from 11 countries in total over the two-week workshop. Three countries in Central America (Dominican Republic, Guyana and Suriname) participated in the first week and then eight countries from Africa (Botswana, Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia) for the 2nd week, five of which—Guyana, Nigeria, Suriname, Tanzania and Zambia— are partner countries of the UN-REDD Programme. The workshop will be followed up by project team visits to each country over the next few months and a later workshop to help them analyze the results using the ALU GHG software.

Presentations from the meeting are available on the CD-REDD website.




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