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Thirteenth Policy Board Meeting

The thirteenth UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting will be held in Arusha, Tanzania on 3-7 November 2014. The itinerary for the meeting includes a field visit on 3 November, a joint knowledge sharing day with the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility on 4 November, a UN-REDD Programme Information Sharing Day on 5 November and the official Policy Board meeting on 6-7 November.

For any questions related to the Policy Board meeting, please contact us at: policyboard@un-redd.org.

Information Documents:

Information and Knowledge Sharing Sessions:

  • Session 1: National REDD+ Strategies

  • Session 2: Reference Emission Levels and Forest Reference Levels (REL/FRL)

  • Session 3: Tenure and REDD+

  • Session 4: SNA Work Plan & Budget Revision 2015

Policy Board meeting:

Session I - Opening and approval of Agenda:

  • Draft Provisional Agenda
    English - Español  - Français

  • Annotations to the Provisional Agenda
    English - Español  - Français

Session II - Overview of progress and results since the twelfth Policy Board:

  1. Semi-Annual Progress Report 2014
    English - Español - Français

  2. Annexes to Semi-Annual Progress Report 2014

    1. Bolivia  
    2. Cambodia  
    3. Ecuador  
    4. Nigeria  
    5. Panama  
    6. Papua New Guinea  
    7. Paraguay  
    8. Republic of Congo  
    9. Sri Lanka  
    10. Zambia  
    11. Support to National REDD+ Action (SNA)
      English  - Español  - Français  

  3. UN-REDD Programme Funding Framework
    English - Español  - Français

Session III - Funding Allocation Request:

  • SNA Workplan and Budget Addendum 2015
    English - Español  - Français

  • SNA Monitoring Framework 2013-2015
    English - Español  - Français

  • SNA Submisson Form for Sixth Budget Revision
    English - Español  - Français

National Programmes for approval

  • Uganda
    • Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP)
      English - Español - Français

Session IV - Strategic and Policy Issues:

Session V - Country Experiences: From readiness to implementation:

Session VI - SNA Update:

  • Country Needs Assessment
  • Private Sector Engagement

Session VIII - Strategic and Policy Issues:

Session IX - Closing of Meeting

Knowledge Sharing Day:

  • Agenda
    English - Español  - Français


Expert Meeting Kicks off Collaborative Process on Forest Governance Data Collection

Earlier this month, the UN-REDD Programme contributed to groundbreaking international discussions on the need for guidance in forest governance data collection.

International and national experts met in Rome on 6-7 June, 2012 to share their experiences of collecting forest governance data in more than 10 developing countries. The expert meeting identified and discussed common issues faced when conducting forest governance assessments, such as defining the scope of governance assessments and prioritizing indicators, estimating costs and ensuring adequate capacity, balancing robustness and practicality in measurement and dealing with data gaps or unavailability. In addition, understanding the political economy context of an assessment and identifying specific objectives emerged as important first steps in the design of effective approaches to data collection.

During the expert meeting, the UN-REDD Programme provided an overview of the progress being made in Indonesia's Participatory Governance Assessment (PGA) for REDD+. The World Resources Institute and the Instituto Centro de Vida of Brazil discussed their forest governance assessments in two states of Brazil, and the World Bank presented a recent assessment performed in Russia.  Participants from several other initiatives, including the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Support Programme for African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP-FLEGT Programme) also shared their experiences and the forest governance results from a recent household survey done in Tanzania were presented.

The expert group saw the need for new guidance to assist practitioners undertaking forest governance assessments. They agreed that this guidance should be relevant to a range of different users, cover all major stages of an assessment, include case studies and be a resource that points to other guidance as well as giving new information. Moving forward, participants requested that FAO and the World Bank, with support from the UN-REDD and ACP-FLEGT Programmes, facilitate a collaborative process for the development of guidance on forest governance data collection.

The agenda and the list of participants of the expert working meeting on forest governance data collection, as well as the presentations, can be found here. The report of the meeting will be available on the UN-REDD Programme's website in the coming month.




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