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UN-REDD Contributes to Pan Africa Indigenous Peoples Dialogue in Tanzania

The UN-REDD Programme recently participated in the Pan-Africa Indigenous Peoples Dialogue, and providing updates on Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) and other safeguards-related issues.

Indigenous Peoples initiated the first of three regional dialogues with the World Bank hosted Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) with the Pan Africa Indigenous Peoples Dialogue held in Arusha, Tanzania during 22-24 April 2012. The purpose of the Dialogue was to provide the FCPF with the opportunity to update Indigenous Peoples on the FCPF’s policies, safeguards and activities; to discuss the views and concerns of Indigenous Peoples; and to reach agreement on mechanisms, processes and funding for the engagement of Indigenous Peoples.

The UN-REDD Programme provided an update on its body of work relating to FPIC, and was available to discuss other issues raised by Indigenous Peoples, including the UN-REDD Programme’s work on safeguards and grievance mechanisms, and the role of UN agencies as delivery partners of the FCPF. The Dialogue was an important opportunity to hear the voices of Indigenous Peoples in the African region and collaborate with the FCPF. Dialogues between Indigenous Peoples and the FCPF will take place for the Latin American and Asia-Pacific regions later this year, culminating with a global dialogue at the end of the year.

Material and presentations relating to the Pan Africa Dialogue can be accessed via the FCPF website here.

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