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Reports & Analysis

Two New UN-REDD Workshop Reports now Available

Final reports are now available for the UN-REDD Programme's recent global workshops on its Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria, and its Guidelines for Free, Prior and Informed Consent.

In February, the UN-REDD Programme convened two workshops on social and environmental safeguards for REDD+, focused on UN-REDD Programme's Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria (SEPC) and Guidelines on Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). The reports of these workshops are now available and can be downloaded by clicking the following links: SEPC workshop report/ FPIC workshop report.

Discussions on the SEPC were also held at the eighth Policy Board meeting in Asuncion, Paraguay, where the the Policy Board endorsed the principles and criteria. Read more here.

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Highlights from UN-REDD's 8th Policy Board Meeting

Update on Paraguay's REDD+ Progress

Nigeria Hosts Innovative "REDD+ University"

Clarifying Forest Governance in Viet Nam

The Philippines Seeks Inputs from UN-REDD on REDD+ Safeguards
Features & Commentary

Sudan's REDD+ Progress
By: Dr. Patrick Van Laake

Panama Focuses on the Multiple Benefits of REDD+
By: Gabriel Labbate
Reports & Analysis

UN-REDD Launches its 2011 Year in Review Report

UN-REDD Gender and REDD+ Report Now Available French and Spanish

Two New UN-REDD Workshop Reports now Available

New Go-REDD+ Issue Explores How to Become a "Forest Adding" Country
Looking ahead

Indonesia REDD+ Workshops on Participatory Governance Assessments and Free, Prior and Informed Consent
11-21 April, 2012: Bogor, Indonesia

Indigenous Peoples Dialogue for Africa
19-24 April, 2012: Arusha, Tanzania

Strengthening Accountability and Transparency in REDD+ in Africa Workshop
24-26 April, 2012: Lusaka, Zambia

FIP Sub-Committee Meeting
30 April-4 May, 2012: Wahsington, D.C., USA
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