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Moving Ahead with Indonesia's REDD+ Participatory Governance Assessment

Indonesia makes significant progress in finalizing indicators for its trailblazing Participatory Governance Assessment (PGA) for REDD+.

Members of the Indonesia PGA expert panel, comprised of government representatives, members of civil society and of academia, as well as governance practitioners and members of the UN-REDD Programme, gathered in Bogor West Java from 14-15 February 2012 to have a closer look at the existing indicators for the PGA and discuss possible ways of refining these to ensure a methodologically sound indicator structure. Once finalized, the indicator set will serve as a basis for collecting the data necessary to assess REDD+ governance in the Indonesian context.

This PGA pilot is the first of its kind within the UN-REDD Programme and it has been successfully developed through an inclusive and participatory process to gain different stakeholders’ views and interest on both process, focus, indicators and methodology.
Some useful preliminary lessons learned resulting from the recent two-day workshop that can be applicable to other PGA’s include:

  • Discussion on framework, structure and measurement flow should be done at an early stage of development of the REDD+ PGA tool.
  • An iterative method should be applied when developing REDD+ PGA indicators and data collection that allow for tool improvement in every step of the process.
  • It is essential to have an external reader who can point to weaknesses and strengths in the indicator set, as well as provide inputs for quality assurance, in addition to having consultative meetings with stakeholders at both national and provincial levels.

The next steps in the PGA process foresee a revision of the existing indicators in accordance with agreed changes to ensure that they meet the criteria of relevance, measurability, significance, discriminating power, coherence and consistency, as well as data availability.

The PGA in Indonesia focuses on five governance issues related to REDD+: spatial and forest planning, rights regulation, forest organization, forest management, forest control, and REDD+ infrastructure. For an overview of Indonesia’s PGA Framework, Structure and Flow of Indicator Measurement click here.

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