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UN-REDD at COP17 and Forest Day 5

The UN-REDD Programme invites participants at COP17 and FD5 to join in the REDD+ discussions the Programme will host in Durban, where the first publications under the Programme's new Lessons Learned and Policy Brief series will be launched.

Launch of UN-REDD Policy Brief: "REDD+ and a Green Economy"

The UN-REDD Programme's inaugural policy brief entitled, "REDD+ and a Green Economy: Opportunities for a mutually supportive relationship", will also be launched at the REDD+ CEB side event on 30 November 2011 in Durban, and will be available at the UN-REDD Programme booth throughout the first week of COP17 and on the UN-REDD Programme website.

In the "REDD+ and a Green Economy" policy brief, the UN-REDD Programme explores the concepts of REDD+ as a source of investment for green development; as a natural capital-led investment strategy; and as an opportunity for change to green development. The policy brief also offers recommendations for creating a roadmap for REDD+ in the context of green development.

In this issue


UN-REDD at COP17 and Forest Day 5

National UN-REDD Programme Updates

Addressing Corruption Risks in REDD+ in Asia-Pacific

New Stakeholder Engagement Resources on un-redd.org
Features & Commentary

Update on REDD+ in Solomon Islands
By: Aki Kono and Matieu Henry
Reports & Analysis

New Publication on Climate Change for Forest Policy-Makers

Report on Multiple Benefits of REDD+ in Ecuador now Available in Spanish

REDD+ Partnership Discusses Progress Made on REDD+ Database, Measuring and Monitoring
Looking ahead

28 November- 9 December, 2011: Durban, South Africa

Climate-Smart Knowledge Day
29 November, 2011: Durban, South Africa

REDD+ CEB Side event at COP17
30 November, 2011: Durban, South Africa

Forest Day 5
4 December, 2011: Durban, South Africa
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